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Risk Management

Ontario Trails works with consultants and the insurance industry to reduce your trails risk exposure. Our in-class and on-trails training provides principle and practice to safeguard your trails and the people that use them.

Who should attend: Any manager or person responsible for the safe and responsible operation of recreational trail, lands, parks or conservation areas with trails.

Course Objective: To provide participants with the best possible understanding of liability as it pertains to recreational trails. This course is not intended to substitute or replace formal legal advice, all information is provided for discussion purposes only.

Course Details: This course is delivered as a 2 day, 12-hour module. Using photos and /or video of actual trails we will demonstrate actual trail risks and show how these risks can be managed. Through the use of photos of real signage, we will provide participants with a “hands-on” experience allowing them to clearly differentiate between the good and the bad.

Course Outline:

1. Responsibilities/Liability
2. Requirements for Varying Types of Trails
3. Policies and operations
4. Joint & Several Liability
5. Vicarious liability
6. Immunities
7. Assumption of Risk
8. Risk Management
9. Law of Risk Management
10. Inspections
11. Documentation
12. Signs
13. Appropriate Use of the trail
14. Rules of the trail
15. Risk Assessments
16. Risk Financing
17. Insurance

Partners - Direct Bearing Inc.

Frank Cowan Company

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