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Decarto Consulting

Decarto Consulting Ltd. is a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) consulting firm based in Peterbroough Ontario. We offer a wide variety of GIS services to organizations in Ontario and throughout Canada. Decarto specializes in outdoor resource management: Assessing, mapping, cataloging, and displaying information about recreational trail systems, green spaces (parks, cemeteries, conservation lands, nature reserves, etc), and related infrastructure and tourism points of interest. Services include trail mapping and assessment, print and digital cartography, cemetery mapping, tree inventory and tagging, corn maze design, open source GIS web application development and consulting, and advanced data visualization. Decarto helps further your goals of information management, environmental and informational sustainability, marketing, risk mitigation and short and long term planning. Our philosophy is to simplify interactions with GIS datasets in order to make the intelligence available directly to managers, team members, or the public. This allows organizations to use this valuable information to make informed decisions about their resources.

Decarto Consulting is lead by Damian Bradley, whose academic accomplishments, years of experience, collection of satisfied clients and body of demonstrable work are the backbone of the company. Through hard work and dedication, Damian has established a reputation for advocacy, professionalism and quality work within the community.

Decarto Consulting Ltd.
Peterborough, Ontario
(705) 559-6705