Milne Dam Conservation Park Trail

Milne Dam Conservation Park is located on Milne Reservoir, part of the Rouge Park and is also planned to become part of a future Rouge Park Trails Network. Milne Dam Conservation Park was named after Peter and Alexander Milne who operated a mill, located near the present dam structure, in the 1820’s. By 1845, the business had expanded to include a general store, fueling and wool mill and ashery. In 1911, Archie Milne, grandson of Peter Milne, built the first concrete and steel arc dam in Canada.

The Town of Markham sprang from the advent of the mill and dam. In the 1950’s, the Metropolitan Toronto and Region Conservation Authority acquired the property as the Milne Park Conservation Area. Wonderful opportunities for bird watching exist in this area as the significant wetlands, forests and open space provide a stopoff for migratory birds. Blue Jays, chickadees, woodpeckers, Blue Herons and a nesting pair of Baltimore Orioles, Milne Dam Conservation Park is Markham's largest park of 123 hectare or 305 acre with the Rouge River flowing in the middle and surrounded with a lush forest on the southern and eastern edges.

It is located on the east side of McCowan Road, just south of Highway 7. It is open seasonally and for vehicles from 8 a.m. to dusk from Victoria Day to Thanksgiving Day. The park offers 2.3 kilometres of trails suitable for walking, jogging and cycling as well a beach area. Information provided by the York Region and the guiding Star websites.

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2.3 km 
Hiking & Walking, Running 
Natural, Urban 
Natural packed, some road 
Parking, Picnic Areas, Washrooms 
Partial Wheelchair Access 
Greater Toronto Area 
City of Toronto 
Latitude 43.86305
Longitude -79.28234
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Victoria Day - Thanksgiving Day 
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