Queenston Heights Loop - General Brock Trail

The Queenston Heights Loop offers 11 kilometers of trails that take approximately 3 ½ hours to complete. This is a relatively easy trail as it is generally flat with only a few steep climbs and descents. An important battle took place at the Heights during the War of 1812, when the American and the British fought for control of Canada. It was here on October 13, 1812 that Major General Sir Issac Brock led his British troops in a victory against invading American troops. Brock lost his life during the battle, and an impressive monument has been built in the park to commemorate his life and role in protecting Canada from American domination.

The General Brock Trail runs through a grove of large oak trees for a short distance before it reaches a side road that runs toward the river on your left. Turn left at this road and follow it over a small bridge, which crosses over a pretty wooded creek. The trial then leads to another side road, follow the trail along this street staying to the west side of the road. You will come to an old stately stone mansion built in 1833, by Alexander Hamilton. You may want to stop and read the stone plaque, which is situated at the front of the home, and provides information about the Hamilton family history and the construction of the home. Directions: From Highway 405 take the Queenston exit. Look for the signs for Queenston Heights Park, and enter the parking lot, which has amble space for parking.

Information provided by the Niagara Parks website.

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