G. Ross Lord Park Trail

This extensive parkland, located in the West Don River valley north of Finch Avenue, was assembled in 1972 primarily for flood control purposes. The park was named after Dr. G. Ross Lord, P. Eng., in recognition of his service as the chairman of the former Metropolitan Toronto and Region Conservation Authority from 1958 to 1972. He advanced the cause of conservation for a further six years as a provincial appointee at the Authority. Dr. Lord was also one of Canada's foremost hydraulic and flood control engineers. A naturalization plan has been established for G.Ross Lord Park.

Initially, a landscape assessment and plant species inventory was conducted. From this, areas were identified where preservation, enhancement and revegetation could improve the natural environment. A series of naturalization projects including revised maintenance regimes and the planting of native trees, shrubs and wildflowers have been developed Heavily wooded and wetland areas are ideal habitats for viewing a variety of wildlife Direction: Public transit to the park includes the Wilson Heights 105A, Alness 117, Finch West 36, and Steeles West 60 buses. Pedestrian entrances are located at Steeles Avenue, Hidden Trail, Fisherville Road, and two off Torresdale Road, at Cedarcroft Road and at Antibes Drive.

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