Guelph Hiking Trail - Radial Line/Speed River

The Guelph Radial Line Trail provides a link between Guelph and the Bruce Trail at Limehouse, following the general route of the abandoned Guelph Radial Line, using some forest paths and roads.

The Speed River Trail links Guelph with Cambridge following the course of the Speed River, south from Guelph. The Guelph Radial Trail runs northeast from Guelph along an abandoned electric railway route to meet the Bruce Trail at Limehouse. The Speed River Trail follows the river southwest to Cambridge: this trail becomes very wet after heavy rain.

Many glacial features, including eskers, drumlins, and moraines, add interest to these pleasant and easy trails. There are three loop trails near Guelph for interesting afternoon outings. Camping is not available along the trail, but the Rockwood Conservation Authority is nearby on highway #7. Length: 65 km. Courtesy Hike Ontario.

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