Lookout Side Trail - Mono Cliffs Provincial Park

Mono Cliffs contains a significant section of the Niagara Escarpment, including crevice caves, an upland limestone plain, and talus slopes. The park features two prominent masses of rock, separated by erosion from the main rock body. When this occurs, the resultant feature is called an outlier. Botanists have noted that the local vegetation includes a particularly rich diversity of ferns.

Look for the differences in the trees, shrubs and wild plants throughout the park. These are caused by climatic variations that can occur in a small area.In the canyon’s rock crevices there may still be snow and ice in July. Some of the plants are rare and very sensitive. Warm air currents from the cliffs create thermals that attract Ontario’s native turkey vultures. These wonderful flyers ride the air to circle and watch as you hike. Their large, upswept wings, black bodies with light colours underneath and small heads separate them from the other soaring birds.

Information provided by the Ontario Parks website.

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