Morningside Park Trail

The park is named after Morningside Avenue, a reference to its eastern location in the City of Scarborough. "Morningside" usually refers to the sunrise side of an area. The valley of the Highland Creek was at one point inhabited. A housing shortage after World War II resulted in many small cottages being converted into year-round residences, especially in the "Willows" area (immediately north-east of Lawrence Avenue and Orton Park Road) and elsewhere in the Highland Creek Valley below Highway 401. Large numbers of settlers greatly intensified problems in an area not well suited for year-round habitation. Contaminated wells, evictions, and home demolition were contentious issues in the post-war period.

The steep slopes and flat floodplain of the creek valley further complicated living conditions in the area as residents and their cottages were regularly threatened by flash flooding. The severe damage from Hurricane Hazel in 1954 strengthened the demand for public ownership of floodplain land to prevent further development. With information from the City of Toronto website.

Directions:Vehicles can enter the park from Morningside Avenue between Kingston Road and Ellesmere Road. Public transit includes the Eglinton East 34B and York Mills 95C buses. Additional pedestrian access points are available at Lawrence Avenue East, opposite Overture Road, and Ellesmere Road behind Centenary Hospital.

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