Thistletown Area Park Trail

The expansive Thistletown Area parklands are located at the junction of three major tributaries of the Humber River - the West Humber River, Emery Creek, and the North Humber River. The park receives its name from the village which was planned for John Grubb in 1847 around the intersection of Albion Road and Islington Avenue. The property was part of John Grubb's farmlands. Grubb was a promoter of the Albion and the Weston plank toll road companies, an elected member of the Home District Council and a magistrate.

Although originally known as St. Andrew's, Thistletown was renamed in honour of Dr. William Thistle, the local physician. Since 1959, the former Metropolitan Toronto and Region Conservation Authority has been gradually acquiring parkland here following the inception of the Watershed Conservation Scheme, a floodplain acquisition and management program. In 1992, the former Metro Park & Culture Department initiated a $3.2 million parkland development program for the North Humber Region, including Rowntree Mills and Thackeray Park just further north. This program resulted in a fully integrated trail system connecting West Humber Parkland and Humber Arboretum to the parklands along the North Humber River.

Directions: Pedestrians can enter the Thistletown Area - North Humber Parkland from arterial roads including Albion Road, Islington Avenue, Finch Avenue West and Weston Road as well as numerous local residential streets. Vehicle parking is available off Albion Road only. Public transit includes the Royal York 73, Wilson 96 and Finch West 36 buses.

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