Westminister Ponds Trails

The Westminster Ponds/Pond Mills complex is one of the largest Natural Areas in London, comprising some 300 hectares over an area 3 kilometres long and 1.5 kilometres wide. There are six major ponds and a number of smaller ones scattered throughout the area. The Westminster Ponds area is significant because it possesses a rich variety of natural habitats in a relatively undisturbed state, even though it is situated within the boundaries of a major urban centre. In fact, this marsh, swamp and bog complex is a Class 1 provincially significant wetland.

The wooded slopes surrounding Spettigues Pond provide excellent views of this scenic pond, particularly in the fall when the red leaves of the maples and the yellow needles of the Tamaracks are reflected in the water. The main trail leads east from the Tourist Information Centre to a boardwalk, which marks the beginning of the Spettigues Pond loop. (Use the boardwalks in wet areas to minimize damage to sensitive plants.) Watch for the side trail leading to the viewing platform on the southwest edge of Spettigues Pond. Many of the minor and unofficial trails are not marked on the map. For your first visit, use the most heavily used trail and take note of your bearings by regularly referring to the map.

You may need to explore the area many times before you are thoroughly familiar with all of the trails. Please use the official access points indicated on the map. Managed trails are marked with yellow blazes. Bicycles are only permitted on the asphalt or crushed gravel paths in Kilally Meadows and Medway Valley. BICYCLES ARE NOT PERMITTED IN ANY OTHER LOCATIONS. All dogs must be on leash Information provided by the Upper Thames River Conservation website.

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