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Kicking It Up


Kicking it up on the Trails is a day program offered in conjunction with outdoor education organizations of Halton Region. Working with Conservation Halton we are providing an opportunity to learn enviro-ethics while experiencing physical activity.

The Kicking It Up on the Trails program teaches Grades youth awareness of the values of land conservation, orienteering, experience. The-ethics and appreciation of outdoor settings through outdoor experience.

The core focus builds on existing youth activity of walking, hiking, bike riding, family activity and use of parks or green space. Kicking it up on the Trails focuses on the use of these spaces and activities in a safe and shared way by teaching the best use of these areas and activities.

In this way when the youth are in the environment, they will be conscious of the need to keep these areas clean, keep them safe for the next person and develop some stewardship skills for the land.

Core Program Elements

There are four core elements to Kicking it up on the Trails:
  • Orienteering
  • Enviro-Ethics
  • Trail Behavior
  • Trail Activity

  • Students receive sessions in map reading and basic orienteering
  • Map reading enables their ability to find their way around the grounds
  • Orienteering provides students with an introduction to direction locating and routing in the wilderness

Enviro - Ethics
  • Students learn about the environment to protect and preserve it
  • Students practice environmentally safe activities by practicing carry in carry out techniques
  • Participants learn environmental protection by practicing clean-up techniques

Trail Behavior
  • Students receive lessons in trail etiquette, how to share the trail
  • Youth view a trail etiquette video and situational learning allows them to practice positive trail use interactions

Trail Activity
  • Participants learn how to stay on the trail, avoid off-trail use and reduce their trail "footprint"
  • Students practice trail activities in safe hiking, group walks, joint cycling and trail environment protection


Program Advantages!

By taking the time to get your class into the environment you are actively breaking the bonds of sedentary lifestyles. The Kicking it up on the Trails program is an initiative that exposes youth to the outdoors.

In order to register your class for this program, check with your school administration for transportation options. Check the Program Deliverers on the reverse middle panel to arrange a date and time for your class to attend.

Locations of Implementation

Conservation Halton - Mountsberg Wildlife Center
2259 Milburough Line, Campbellville, ON, L0P 1B0

About the Sponsors

Halton30th_logo Halton Healthy Community Fund - the Region of Halton sponsors the development and implementation of programs and services that improve or enhance the quality of life for Halton residents. The Kicking it up on the Trails appreciates their support.
Phone 1-905-825-6000 ext. 2511
Active2010_logo Ministry of Tourism and Recreation - Active 2010
The Ministry of Tourism and Recreation Sponsors programs that assist people of all ages in Ontario to get out and get active. The Kicking it up on the Trails Program appreciates the support of Active 2010 Communities in Action Fund.
Phone 1-416-362-9326
OTC_Logo The Ontario Trails Council promotes the development, management and use of recreational trails in Ontario. The Kicking it up on the Trails program is its first Youth Program and is a model for all communities and trail organizations to utilize
Phone - 1-800-668-7245
Trillium_Logo The Ontario Trillium Foundations supports healthy communities and provides funding to community groups and other organizations in order to promote physical activity and recreation in Ontario.
Phone 1-800-263-2887
Download the "Kicking it up on the Trails" Brochure (pdf)