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Ontario Cup - Buckwallow

Ontario Trails Events

Event: Ontario Cup - Buckwallow
Trail: Buckwallow Cycling Centre
Date: 2021-04-13 to 2021-10-31
Abstract: The Ontario Cup is the OCA’s premier racing series.
Type: Mountain Biking
Time: 7:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Location: Buckwallow MTB Centre Gravenhurst Ontario Directions
Online URL:
Cost: Varies

For riders who enjoy challenging courses and competing against riders from across the province, the Plastiglas Ontario Cup Mountain Bike Series is for you.  The OCA offers an XC O-Cup Series,  7 events in length finishing in spectacular fashion with the Provincial Championships.

The XC series traditionally starts the last weekend in April and concludes with the Provincial Championships in August/September.  Events are typically scheduled monthly and the series always includes the Canada Cup at Hardwood Hills.  Only the best venues in the province host Ontario Cups with each venue adding its own twist for riders.  It might be a highly technical hilly course, a high speed flat course or a cunning combination of the two.  Whichever type of course it is, it will be fun to all riders.

O-Cup riders are categorized based, first by age, then by ability.  Riders earn upgrade points to upgrade to the next higher ability category.  Ontario Cup points are awarded to all categories.

Who can Participate?Riders who are at least 10 years of age as of  can participate in the Ontario Cup XC Series.

What Type of Membership is Required?In order to participate in an O-Cup you must be a racing member of the OCA. 

However different categories have different restrictions. Click here for a guide to selecting the type of membership that suits your needs.

If a rider has been licenced as an Expert/Elite within the previous year (or obtained the mandatory upgrade points in Sport), they cannot race Sport at an Ontario Cup XC race on a 1 day permit. They will be required to purchase a UCI licence and race their former ability.

Riders can appeal this to the off-road licencing committee. The OCA reserves the right to apply this rule to former expert/elite regardless of years away from competition or circumstance. The purpose of this is prevent experienced riders from racing and placing in the top 3 in multiple O-Cups in Sport on 1 day permits.

Registration Riders can register at the event but it is to their disadvantage.  Pre-registering reduces waiting in line the day of the event (the Pre-Reg line is always shorter and quicker) as well pre-registering makes sense economically.  Entry fees for pre-registration are typically $8 less for XC.

Pre-registration and registration for Ontario Cups are processed by the Organizer.  For more information please contact Chico Racing and for more information on the Canada Cup/Ontario Cup please contact Pulse Racing.

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