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Chico Racing - 24 HR Summer Solstice

Ontario Trails Events

Event: Chico Racing - 24 HR Summer Solstice
Trail: Albion Hills Conservation - Red Trail
Date: 2021-08-28 to 2021-08-29
Abstract: Chico Racing supports Mountain Biking in Ontario.
Type: Mountain Biking
Time: 5:57 AM - 5:57 AM
Location: Chico Inc. Uxbridge Ontario Directions
Online URL:
Cost: Varies

 Chico Racing Logo About Chico RacingWhat started as one event in 1994 has burgeoned into one of mountain biking's largest and most successful event promotions companies. Think B.C. is the epicenter of cycling in Canada? Guess again. With a large variety of accessible, moderately difficult trails, the rolling terrain of Southern Ontario is just the ticket for riders of all ability levels to enjoy the fun and exhilaration of winding through a row of pines or a flowing hardwood trail. Chico Racing has concentrated on the Ontario market, and because of that have been able to create a unique relationship with the sport in our area. The result? A legacy of many trail systems that support some of the biggest events in the world, a knowledge of all facets of the sport, and an inter-personal relationship with our riders that sets us apart from marketing companies that simply target Mountain Biking.Having grown up in a family who started mountain biking in its' infancy (Papa Ruppel bought a high-end Ritchey bike in 1985), the staff at Chico Racing were riders first, and can still turn over a crank with the best of them. (At different times of the year)So with 14 years of promotional experience, a passion for the sport, and our continued reputation for providing riders with the best possible window into our sport, make Chico Racing events your first, and last stop for participating in our wonderful sport.Company Bio'sAdam Ruppel a.k.a. ChicoHaving grown up in the sport, Adam was one of the top road and mountain bike racers in the country in the early to mid-90's. Enjoying success on both the Canadian Mountain and Road National teams, Adam shifted to promotions to stay involved with a sport he loves. Little did he realize that he'd be doing it to this day, and is still able to get out on the road and trails to keep himself in shape. In addition, Adam likes to cross country ski, race the odd mountain bike events and make his own moonshine! Adam takes care of day-to-day operations of the company and is the one you're most likely to talk to in the office.Sean Ruppela.k.a. WheelsSean actually got heavily into the sport around the time Chico Racing ran its first event, a bare bones event called the Superfly. Merely helping out while in high school, Sean operates his own company organizing other events (weekly series), and is contracted by Chico Racing to take care of trails and event set up. In the off season, Sean also has a passion for x-country skiing, hockey, and the family cottage on mighty Lake Superior. He also likes to travel in the off-season with the spare time afforded in winter.Matt Douglasaka - Matt Dog!Matt started racing through Chico and rose through the ranks to a top 10 Pro/Elite Male rider in Ontario. Matt works in the office alongside Adam helping with administrative duties.Ted Mcleod (aka Theodore “toot toot” Tugboat)Ted’s been the head of safety for over 5 years now, having taken over from Steve (24 hour chef) Coulighan. The ever intrepid Ted not only co-ordinates all Ski Patrol shifts for all our events, but also aids in set-up of major races and even lends his announcing skills when we’re trying to quickly usher riders home. The Theodore Tugboat show is especially well received at 3am at the 24 Hour races. Not only is Ted the most unheralded of the Chico Racing crew, few know he also spends his spare weekends being banned from Provincial Parks and Ski Resorts. Ted also wrote the timing program for Sean’s weekly series at Albion and is there every week to run the event. Oh, and ladies, he’s currently on the market!Allan Hawley (THE MAN)What can we say about this man besides his unbelievable contribution to the sport of mountain biking, and his talent for putting together results under pressure. Chico Racing would be in trouble if it wasn't for this man who has done more for mountain bike racing in Ontario than any other human. Not only does his van house everything known to man, but he is always prepared, and can find a solution to every problem in his trusted accessory belt.Other notable Chico Racing friendsOf course, Tom Ruppel is at most events doing the dirty work and taking stuff down before it should be, and a support staff of Al Norley, Jacqueline, and Greg on timing, Kathleen Carroll, Kristen, and Annick in registration, and the incredible safety crew led by the intrepid Ted Mcleod are always there to help with any medical problems. Hayden Boucher volunteers with some course work and and is a good scapegoat in case anything goes wrong.We'd also like to thank all the weekend volunteers, Ontario Cycling Association staff, sponsors and everyone else who helps make these great events happen.