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CAN Bike Training Courses Toronto - Year Round

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Event: CAN Bike Training Courses Toronto - Year Round
Date: 2018-10-23 to 2021-10-23
Abstract: CAN-BIKE cycling courses for young cyclists and adults will boost your skills, safety and cycling pleasure. Join the two-wheeled revolution. You can help set the pace for Toronto's 900,000 cyclists! This course is also offered in other cities in Ontario through qualified instructors.
Type: Cycling
Time: Various times
Location: Various Locations Toronto Ontario
Online URL:
Cost: See Event Website

Learn from the best
CAN-Bike is the only accredited course of its kind. Courses are taught exclusively by instructors certified by the CAN-Bike program. Instructors are knowledgeable about the Highway Traffic Act and teach cycling skills such as anticipating traffic dynamics, recognizing road hazards, and collision-avoidance techniques. Our most advanced course, CAN-Bike 2, is required training for many people who cycle on the job. In fact, all Toronto Police bicycle patrol officers are required to take CAN-Bike 2.

Please use the Toronto Parks Online Registration System to register for any CAN-Bike courses you would like to take.  You can read about course details including riding level, equipment you will need, and skills you will learn on this webpage.