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Western Outdoors Club - Backcountry/Camping

Ontario Trails Events

Event: Western Outdoors Club - Backcountry/Camping
Trail: Algonquin Lookout Trail
Date: 2022-04-22 to 2022-12-01
Abstract: There are many reasons to join the Western Outdoors Club (WOC). If you don't have any experience with a particular outdoor activity (e.g. canoeing, camping, etc.) it's a great place to get started and learn the basic
Type: Backcountry/Camping
Time: 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Location: Western University London Ontario Directions
Online URL:
Cost: $ 15.00

The Western Outdoors Club is made up of a great group of people who love everything about the outdoors. We offer activities for all levels of outdoor enthusiasts, whether you enjoy scenic strolls through fall hiking trails or challenging back-country camping. Throughout the year we enjoy camping, hiking, canoeing and snowshoeing in a variety of settings and seasons. In addition to our seven annual trips, we also have many different activities planned around London, such as: tubing, apple picking, and visiting the sugar shack! Finally, your $20 membership fee allows you to borrow any of our equipment for free during our activities(including tents, stoves, hiking packs, and more). We invite anyone who likes spending time outdoors to join our club and see what Ontario has to offer. Any questions, feel free to email

A link to our Facebook page:

Prices & details for each of these trips will be known once the dates come closer.