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Kingston Outdoor Adventure Club

Ontario Trails Events

Event: Kingston Outdoor Adventure Club
Trail: Rideau Trail
Date: 2022-04-17 to 2021-10-17
Abstract: Please only sign up for events which you actually expect to attend.
Type: Hike
Time: Various
Location: Kingston
Online URL:
Cost: Varies

This club participates in outdoor (and sometimes active indoor) adventures in South Eastern Ontario, Northern US, Quebec and beyond.  We are an inclusive, welcoming group who look forward to meeting more people interested in active adventures.

Beginning June 1st, we will be collecting $2 per participant at each event to cover administrative costs, like liability insurance.  Alternatively you can buy a 'participation pass' for $30 to cover your administrative costs for one year.

Children are encouraged and welcome unless otherwise indicated on an event.  Parents must ensure children can keep up to the pace of the group or be willing to separate from the group to participate at their child's pace.  

Well behaved dogs are welcome unless otherwise indicated on an event, dog owners must respect the rules of which ever park / area we're in.