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Pelee Island Birding

Ontario Trails Events

Event: Pelee Island Birding
Trail: Point Pelee Provincial Park Trails
Date: 2021-06-28 to 2021-10-28
Abstract: Pelee Island Birding Events
Type: Birding
Time: 24/7
Location: Point Pelee National Park 1118 Point Pelee Drive Leamington Ontario N8H 3V4 Directions
Online URL:
Cost: Varies

In addition to being one of Canada's smallest national parks, Point Pelee is the park with the greatest number of recorded bird species. More than 390 species of birds have been reported in the Point Pelee Birding Area, from warblers to sandpipers and from ducks to diurnal (day flying) raptors.

During the two great migration periods, in spring and fall, more than 200 neo-tropical migrant species stop here. Starting in March, the park's bird population swells with the return of waterfowl and one can, at this time, also observe swans, dabbling ducks, grebes, loons and diving ducks. At the end of April, it's the songbirds' turn to alight with the majority moving through the park during the first three weeks of May. Then in June, as summer approaches, the flycatchers and shorebirds arrive. For those who love birds of prey, September is their period of greatest diversity. Waterfowl, particularly geese, return in great numbers in November and well into December.

In May, as part of the Festival of Birds, activities such as Birder Breakfast and Lunch and Learn sessions, and daily Birding Hikes follow one another over more than two weeks! During this period, beginners and passionate birders alike will have access to specially marked trails to maximize their chances for seeing birds. On a good in May, it's possible to see 100 species during a visit. It's no wonder that the park is the choice meeting place for bird watchers–and birds–in North America!