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Algonquin March Break Dog Sledding

Ontario Trails Events

Event: Algonquin March Break Dog Sledding
Trail: Algonquin Lookout Trail
Date: 2020-03-16 to 2020-03-20
Abstract: This March Break, do something incredible! Few Canadians get to experience winter first hand. At Outward Bound Canada we know how to turn cold into comfort – travel by dog sled and snowshoe through the wilds of Algonquin Provincial Park, camp in wood-heated wall tents and explore the snowy trails with a small group of your peers and two experienced Instructors.
Type: Dog-Sled
Time: Various Times. See website.
Location: Algonquin Park
Online URL:
Cost: CDN$ 1599

On this program you will learn many technical skills: 'hot' winter camping, snowshoeing, cooking over fires and woodstoves, driving your own team of Alaskan Huskies, care and feeding of your traveling companions, and how to stay warm, dry and comfortable in winter. In addition, you will learn more about yourself, personal leadership and group life.

The Outward Bound Canada winter experience is about being challenged and finding your inner strengths, experiencing the beauty of Ontario’s snow-covered wilderness and discovering new friendships and connections that can last a lifetime.

Your Outward Bound Canada winter program is designed to present challenges that will stretch your comfort zone while also enabling you to be safe and comfortable while living in a winter environment. From your starting point at the Sunday Lake trailhead, you will 'mush' or snowshoe to your first nights' campsite. All of our winter sites are pre-set; A wall tent and rustic outhouse awaits you and the dog teams at the end of each travel day. All you have to do is get there. Each day the group divides into a mushing group and a snowshoeing group, allowing everyone equal time at both throughout the expedition. 

While dog sledding, you and your partner will learn the communication and management skills needed to successfully drive the dog team. On your snowshoe days, you will have the opportunity to slow down and experience the snowy beauty of the Park, while travelling with a smaller group.

Your Instructors will teach you the skills you need - come join us on the adventure of a lifetime!