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Black Sheep MTB Club - Events

Ontario Trails Events

Event: Black Sheep MTB Club - Events
Trail: Trowbridge Forest Recreational Trail
Date: 2021-04-28 to 2021-10-28
Abstract: The Black Sheep Leadership Team (Executive and Coordinators) is a group of volunteers dedicated to the practical and operational affairs of the Club. That includes everything from critical (but somewhat mundane) requirements like budgets, banking, insurance, risk management, and memberships, to much cooler responsibilities such as course setting, trail maintenance, and running events.
Type: Mountain Biking
Location: Black Sheep MTB Club 307 Euclid Ave. Thunder Bay Ontario P7E 6G6
Online URL:
Cost: Free


Without trails, we'd have nothing. Well, we'd all be roadies - but nobody wants that, not even the roadies. So let's all say "YAHOO" for trails.

This page is all about the trails we ride here in the Thunder Bay region, and maybe even some from over yonder. Have patience, but eventually we will have a mighty good resource here for everyone's benefit. 

Do you have a copy of the Current River Greenway Trail Map? It was a project of Thunder Bay Recreation Trails and shows the trails and their names at Shuniah Mines and Centennial Park. Inquire at the bike shops.

Mt. McKay is no longer a ski area, and has only recently been added to the venue of Black Sheep XC and DH racing. The wide variety of terrain, good rooty soil, and relative lack of underbrush (relative to the general character of NWO woodland) make it a veritable gold mine for designing and cutting trail. Keep in mind that other people use and build stunts in this area, so while we endorse the use of this area, you do use it at your own risk.