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Trails Youth Initiatives

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Event: Trails Youth Initiatives
Trail: Lake Simcoe Trail
Date: 2022-04-27 to 2022-10-27
Abstract: Take a group of vulnerable youth from the inner city, bring them to a school in the middle fo a forest, provide them with respect and opportunity and they will become a part of the community. So begins a four-year journey...
Type: Youth Education
Time: See event website
Location: Newmarket Toronto Ontario
Online URL:
Cost: See Event Website

In 1992, the idea seemed simple. If you could take urban kids who are struggling to deal with issues related to adolescence and give them a place to develop roots in a setting that makes them feel like family, then they will find their wings and the confidence to make good life decisions reaching far beyond the safety-net of Trails…


A place that makes a big impact on a few kids, rather than a small impact on a lot of kids.

A place where kids feel physically and emotionally safe.

A place where kids can develop practical skills, relevant knowledge and self-confidence to steady them through their tough teenage years.

A place that emphasizes prevention rather than rehabilitation.

A place that is rooted in the outdoors, but teaches skills relevant to their life in the city and so we developed our mission to CHALLENGE AND EQUIP VULNERABLE YOUTH FROM INNER CITY TORONTO TO BECOME CONTRIBUTING MEMBERS OF THEIR COMMUNITIES

…Since 1992, that simple idea has become our focus and our pledge.