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Ottawa Field Naturalists - Events

Ontario Trails Events

Event: Ottawa Field Naturalists - Events
Trail: Ottawa Section - Rideau Trail
Date: 2022-06-20 to 2022-10-20
Abstract: Founded in 1879, the Ottawa Field-Naturalists' Club is the oldest natural history club in Canada. Almost every weekend all year round, you can join a knowledgeable nature buff on an excursion to one of the many conservation areas in our region. Learn to identify some of the hundreds of birds that frequent our lakes, fields, and forests; wade through a marsh searching for amphibians; or take a leisurely stroll with fellow nature lovers.
Type: Birding
Time: Various times. See event website.
Location: Box 35069 Westgate PO Ottawa Ontario K1Z 1A2
Online URL:
Cost: See event website

Ottawa has a rich and varied birding community. The Birds Committee coordinates and encourages birding related activities both within and outside the Club. It has a relatively large membership of involved volunteers and is constantly seeking new participants. There are always new things, large and small, just waiting for a volunteer. Contact the Birds Committee.

On a continuing basis, the committee conducts bird study sessions, manages five winter feeding stations, organizes bird counts, maintains records of unusual sightings and produces the club checklists.

Birders may want to see the Ottawa checklist, find a bird or birding location or report a rare bird.

Ottawa hosts a breeding pair of Peregrine Falcons. Each year the Birds Committee organizes a FalconWatch where volunteers monitor the fledglings through the time of their first flights.