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Peninsula Paddlers - Events

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Event: Peninsula Paddlers - Events
Date: 2021-04-28 to 2021-11-01
Abstract: We are a diverse group of individuals from all over Ontario's Niagara Region with a passion for kayaking. We conduct numerous day paddles throughout southern Ontario as well as extended camping expeditions further from home. We try to have an event scheduled every weekend of the year. Winter events are impromptu.
Type: Kayak
Time: See event website
Location: Niagara Region
Online URL:
Cost: See Event Website

Regularly Scheduled Paddles, Tours & Other Fun Stuff ...

Please see events calender on website for up to date events from May - October.

Special Cold Weather Classification: The Club now paddles year round. Winter, late fall and early spring bring their own challenges, not the least of which is the possibility of very cold water, ice, and fog. We do not paddle far from shore, nor in windy conditions. Paddlers should have wet and/or dry suits, carry signalling lights and a cell phone, as well as have at least one complete change of winter clothing in a dry bag in their hatch.