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Ontario Trails Events

Event: RoadAwareness
Date: 2021-01-01 to 2021-12-31
Abstract: Province-wide riders for safety! Check site for event dates.
Type: Dirt Bike
Time: 10:00 AM
Location: Southern Ontario Province Wide Ontario Directions
Online URL:
Cost: $ 0.00

Mission Statement

According to our observations, experience and analysis, the greatest weakness in road safety are road users themselves. Some road users, like pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists are far more vulnerable when things do go wrong. It is therefore our goal to improve the aggregate skills of all road users in order to reduce the preponderance of collisions that inattentive road users cause. Our focus is to educate road users about the importance of safe driving and the importance of advanced training.

To this end, we will engage in the following activities:

  • Public awareness campaigns. These will serve as ongoing reminders to road users to remain vigilant, as well as to drive support for regulatory changes.
  • Direct support of groups and individuals who wish to accomplish our goal.
  • Devise, promote and counsel changes in regulations that support our goal.
  • Promote driver and rider training.
  • Educate all road users of the importance of “Situational Awareness”.
  • Work with the media to increase awareness and the importance of safe driving.
  • Build relationships with stakeholders and industry leaders.

Background is a Road Safety & Awareness campaign that was launched as a private initiative to create awareness about road safety with awareness rally’s, special events, media exposure, and of course the internet.  The website is managed by like-minded individuals and sponsored by companies with an interest in road safety in general. Lack of situational awareness on our roads puts us all at risk. We aim to educate all road users in an effort to make our streets safer.

It doesn’t matter what we drive or ride…only how we do it. covers road safety related topics across the board, ranging from driver/rider tips, list of training schools throughout Canada, as well as issues that affect all other roads users globally.