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Mississauga Bicycle Racing Club - Weekday Training Club Rides

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Event: Mississauga Bicycle Racing Club - Weekday Training Club Rides
Date: 2022-09-30
Abstract: Many of our members also organize other types of rides; Mountain Biking, Cyclocross, Track, Fat Biking, which are organized within the member forum.
Type: Cycling
Time: Varies
Location: Various
Online URL:
Cost: Membership

Weekday Training Club Rides

fast pace

The weekday training rides are race-inspired training ride.  Riders form a tight group for maximum draft from the wind and for easy communication. Depending on the group size the riding drills will include echelon practice, pace line practice & sprint efforts. Group ride etiquette is a must! This ride is targeted for road racers, fast recreational riders & riders building their fitness.  We recommended that new club members ride with the Sport group on the weekends prior to joining the weekday training ride. There is one designated tour leader for this ride. These rides are non-stop with the exception of mechanicals etc.

Weekday Rides

Ride Schedule:Weekday rides starting April and close end of season OctoberStart Location:Weekday meet location is decided within the mbrc private forumDeparture Time:6:00 pmDistance:40 - 80 kmAverage Speed:32 - 37 km/hour