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Short Hills Cycling Events Calendar

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Event: Short Hills Cycling Events Calendar
Trail: Short Hills Trail
Date: 2022-06-27 to 2022-10-27
Abstract: For anyone who hasn't ridden the trails in St Catharines but wants
Type: Cycling
Time: 10:00 AM
Location: Short Hills Provincial Park Dunnville Ontario N1A 2X5 Directions
Online URL:
Cost: Membership


One of our members Jon Watts is riding Short Hills with a group of locals and has invited us to join. If anyone hasn't ridden the trails in St Catharines but wants a great ride, the 18th is a perfect opportunity.Meet at the Short Hills provincial park parking lot on Pelham Road at 10:00am Sunday 18th. Approx75 mins from Toronto. Directions:"What I love about the park is that its topography is exactly as its name describes. There are no monster climbs or killer descents, but rather really challenging short sections of uphill and downhill singletrack that will challenge riders skills. I ranked the trails as moderate as most will not hurt you physically if you fall off or they are not terribly long. However, very few individuals have the legs, body positioning, or proper form to make it up 100% of each section. But, when you do what a feeling of absolute accomplishment! Anyway, do yourself a favor and head to this great park that is truly at its best when either snow-covered or dry during the summer. I tend to avoid the park during wetter seasons as it tends to rip up the trail and there are many other parks in the WNY and Southern Ontario area that are better suited when the rain flys."