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Trail Etiquette and COVID-19 - The Novel Corona Virus

For the foreseeable future the Covid-19 virus has changed everything about you and the outdoors.

For the time being - consider your trail CLOSED. Consider the trails on this website and our hand held application CLOSED.

The personal and public protocol required by emergency orders, and enforced through By-Law, is to stop the spread of the virus.

To do this best:

1. Stay home.

2. If you have been exposed or have any of the symptoms of Covid-19 quarantine yourself for 14 days. Quarantine Information

3. Self-isolation controls the spread. Self-Isolation Information

4. Social distancing is a way to be in public while limiting the chance of transmission. Social Distancing Information

5. Essential trips only.

6. No unnecessary travel.


7. TRAILS – some public spaces are open, while on the trail maintain your distance, no group interaction. Single file activity only.

8. Vacancy – many public spaces may be closed, have a trail and yet look open. They may not be. They are just empty. Do not use closed empty spaces.

9. Passing - step as far to the side as possible, note - many trails are too narrow to maintain a 2-metre distance side by side. If you cannot do this along the length of the trail don’t use the trail.

10. Trail Maps - not all trails have signs or maps showing pinch points where the trail narrows to less than 2 meters. Find out about the trail before you use the trail.

11. Trails not otherwise closed are open for “walkable access”. Being open does not mean trail use is encouraged. See 1-6. It means you are not restricted from using the trail for "walkable access." 

12. Other Uses - 

a. Regular Trail Users you know your trail and trail areas best. Perhaps in your area you are more able to maintain your trail use. Please follow steps 1-6, if you do go out do not gather at trailheads, avoid contact with others.

b. Irregular Trail Users - if you are unfamiliar with the trail and the trail area seek out a knowledgeable expert before going out. If one cannot be found because trail supports, the administration or management office is closed - stay home.

13. Your Health and the Health of others is now Your responsibility. Please do your part to reduce the spread of the Novel Corona Virus to 0 transmissions.

As parks and public spaces close, remaining trails are going to be used more. Concentrated use may be a problem. BE AWARE.

Remember when on the trail, expect and respect other users! A healthy trail attitude includes safety, respect, and relaxation. 

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