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Increasingly the Ontario Trails Council works with a significant number of government departments and projects in order to promote the creation, development, preservation, management, and use of trails throughout Ontario.

Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport

Ontario's lead Ministry for trails provides policy support for trails through consultation with trail groups. It's lead partner is Ontario Trails Council. It's lead annual fund recipient - Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs.

Ontario Trails Strategy
Ontario Trails Act
Ontario Trails Act - Government Backgrounder
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Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing

Provides direct support to municipalities building trails.
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Infrastructure Ontario

Provides a series of grants such as COMRIF which improve green infrastructure.
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Ministry of Health

Provides funds to health units to promote healthy and active living.
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Ministry of Agriculture

Provides direct support to rural development projects through its RED program and others. 
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Ontario Heritage

Provides government directed funding to projects it deems preserve important heritage elements.
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Northern Ontario Heritage Funding Corporation

Provides developmental and support funding to organizations maintaining the heritage of Northern Ontario.
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Ontario Works

Provides personnel who can provide options to trail organizations looking to improve trail development skills.
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Ministry of Natural Resources

Provides funds to operate parks, supports OTC, and manage land that provides trails.
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Invest Ontario

Provides funds to innovative practices and new business.
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