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Falconbridge Trail


The Falconbridge Trail follows an abandoned railway bed from the gate of Falconbridge Ltd. to Edison Road, a road named after the well-known inventor of the light bulb, who in 1899 acquired mining rights in the Falconbridge Township.

While sinking a prospect shaft over a geophysical anomaly, he encountered quicksand and abandoned his Sudbury project. Had Edison continued deeper and hit bedrock, he would have reached a body of nickel/copper ore.

The property lay dormant until the late 1920's when Falconbridge Nickel Mines acquired the Edison site. The development of the Falconbridge Mine and of the Thayer Lindsley Mine is one of the great sagas of the nickel industry throughout the world.

This trail is part of the Greater Sudbury Trail system known as Rainbow Routes. The mission of the Rainbow Routes is to develop and preserve trail for the betterment of the people of the City of Sudbury, and the enjoyment of visitors and nature lovers alike.

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