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Current Conditions

Trail Etiquette and COVID-19 - The Novel Corona Virus

For the foreseeable future the Covid-19 virus has changed everything about you and the outdoors.

The personal and public protocol required by emergency orders, and enforced through By-Law, is to stop the spread of the virus.

To do this best:

1. Stay home.

2. If you have been exposed or have any of the symptoms of Covid-19 quarantine yourself for 14 days. Quarantine Information

3. Self-isolation controls the spread. Self-Isolation Information

4. Social distancing is a way to be in public while limiting the chance of transmission. Social Distancing Information

5. Essential trips only.

6. No unnecessary travel.


7. TRAILS – some public spaces are open, while on the trail maintain your distance, no group interaction. Single person/family/ or single-file activity only.

8. Vacancy – many public spaces may be closed, have a trail and yet look open. They may not be. They are just empty. Do not use closed empty spaces.

9. Passing - step as far to the side as possible, note - many trails are too narrow to maintain a 2-metre distance side by side. If you cannot do this along the length of the trail don’t use the trail.

10. Trail Maps - not all trails have signs or maps showing pinch points where the trail narrows to less than 2 meters. Find out about the trail before you use the trail.

11. Trails not otherwise closed are open for “walkable access”. Being open does not mean trail use is encouraged. See 1-6. It means you are not restricted from using the trail for "walkable access." 

12. Other Uses - 

a. Regular Trail Users you know your trail and trail areas best. Perhaps in your area you are more able to maintain your trail use. Please follow steps 1-6, if you do go out do not gather at trailheads, avoid contact with others.

b. Irregular Trail Users - if you are unfamiliar with the trail and the trail area seek out a knowledgeable expert before going out. If one cannot be found because trail supports, the administration or management office is closed - stay home.

13. Your Health and the Health of others is now Your responsibility. Please do your part to reduce the spread of the Novel Corona Virus to 0 transmissions.

14. Rules on use of crown land.

15. Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters guide on open and closed spaces and OFAH users.

As parks and public spaces close, remaining open trails are going to be used more. Concentrated use may be a problem. BE AWARE.

Remember when on the trail, expect and respect other users! A healthy trail attitude includes safety, respect, and relaxation. 

More information

Ontario Trails COVID-19 Page

Ontario Trails Open and Closed Trails

Ontario Trails Trail Poll

Message from the OPP and the OFATV

Ottawa - Police are ticketing as if you should be at home

Wear a Mask - York University Professor Recommends

Ontario Expands Guidelines

Regarding Trails - March 30, 2020 - May 11, 2020

Emergency Order Extended - non-essential trips, including ON trails- restricted. - Extended to May 6, 2020

Consider your trail closed. Consider your outside exercise severly limited towards 0.

Consider the trails on this website closed, unless otherwise noted. Even then use the trail pags to contact the local trail manager before heading out.

EMERGENCY ORDER = Government of Ontario. Many other regional or municipal governments have also passed their own emergency order.

"Based on the best medical advice available, we are taking further steps today to protect the health and safety of all Ontarians by closing outdoor recreational amenities, like sports fields and playgrounds, and extending our emergency orders to save lives. We all need to work together and do our part to stop COVID-19 by staying home, practising physical distancing, and avoiding social gatherings."

This new order would close all communal or shared, public or private, outdoor recreational amenities everywhere in Ontario, including but not limited to playgrounds, sports fields, basketball and tennis courts, off-leash dog parks, beaches, skateboard and BMX parks, picnic areas, outdoor community gardens, park shelters, outdoor exercise equipment, condo parks and gardens, and other outdoor recreational amenities. Green spaces in parks, trails, ravines and conservation areas that aren't otherwise closed would remain open for walkthrough access, but individuals must maintain the safe physical distance of at least two metres apart from others. Ontario's provincial parks and conservation reserves remain closed." Premier Doug Ford - March 30, 2020

In General - the outdoors offer fresh air and exercise. Playgrounds are closed.

Trails, exterior paths of travel, sidewalks and roads are open for pass through traffic (not sport) for individual use where users practice social distancing. Individuals must remain 2 meters apart, on the trail and at trailheads.

The City of Orangeville writes "During the COVID-19 period of social distancing, when people are encouraged to stay home, town officials repeat essential outings do not include trips to the skate park or playground..Parks and trails remain open for walkers based on maintaining “social distancing.” Orangeville police will be conducting extra patrols of these areas."

Most, if not all, activity organizers have cancelled group activity, group hikes for example.

Most trail sites like parks and nature centres have closed administration, education and recreation centres and buildings.

Distance Needed Even When Walking Around

You Simply Can't Guarantee No Contact and No Crowding 

Get a sense of Space - Social Distancing Tool in Toronto

"CAUTION - Trails in Ontario are not set up for self control, or managed control when left open for access. You are using them at your own risk."

What is Social Distancing?

Soocial Distancing in the Outdoors

Ontario Trails Statement to Members

Spaces Open for Walkthrough Access

Ontario Parks - for hiking, biking and walking only. Starting May 11 through 15. Social distancing is a must. No camping, no playgrounds, beaches or washorooms. Day use Only. Bring your own water, ppe, sanitizer and food. Trail etiquette must be followed. Be respectful of park staff, at the park they are your essential workers.

Hamilton Conservation Areas - rail trails only.

Bruce Trail - phased re-openings only

Orono Crown Land Trails

Lower Trent Conservation Trails

Catfish Creek Conservation Areas

Toronto Region Conservation Authority

Walden Mountain Bike Trails

Mattagami Region Conseervation Authority

Escarpment Biosphere Reserve

Frontenac Arch Biosphere

City of Quinte West Parks and Trails - certain conditions apply to park equipment

North Bay Mattawa Conservation

Norfolk County Trails - 

1.  Lynn Valley Rail Trail (Simcoe to Port Dover)

2.  Waterford Heritage Rail Trail (Simcoe to Waterford)

3.  Delhi Sunset Rail Trail (Simcoe to Delhi)

4. Turkey Point Provincial Park and St. Williams Conservation Reserve properties on Friday, May 15th. 

Nottawasaga Valley Conservation - opening May 15th.


City of Guelph - walkthrough access only.

Otonabee Conservation

Quinte Conservation

Niagara Parks - walkthrough access only.

Kincardine Trails

St. Clair Region Conservation Authority

City of Hamilton - walkthough access only.

Wasaga Beach Trails

City of Kenora

Upper Thames Conservation Authority

City of Kingston Parks

City of Brantford Trails

City of Belleville Trails - with policing for social distancing violations

City of Richmond Hill - walkthrough access only.

York Regional Forest - stricter rules in effect April 18, 2020.

Chatham Kent Trails

Cataraqui Conservation Authority - News Announcement April 23, 2020 - select trails only see list!

Waterloo Region - open for walking through with social distancing.

City of Waterloo - walkable access, no cars or parking at Waterloo Park

City of Cambridge Trails - walkthough access

RARE Trails - walkthrough access

City of Kitchener - walkthrough access, no driving between neighborhoods, Huron Natural Area closed, as is trailhead.

Simcoe County Forest - May 13, 2020

Kawartha ATV Association Trails - Opening May 12, 2020

Ontario OFATV Trails - Open or Opening

TVCEO- Open date May 16

Baxter Severn- Open

Central Ontario ATV- Open May 13

Johnstown ATV- Open May 16

Nation Valley ATV-Open May 16

Northumberland ATV- OPEN

Renfrew County ATV- OPEN

Verona District ATV-OPEN

Ottawa Valley ATV club-  OPEN

Coe Hill ATV Club- OPEN

Dufferin County Forest - Opening May 19th

West Grey ATV club- Opening May 16th

Rideau Lakes ATV club- Opening May 15th

Voyageur Multi Use Trails- Opening May 23rd

Ganaraska Forest - for hiking May 22nd

Ganaraska Forest - for motorized May 29th

Ganaraska Forest - all uses June 2.


Ontario OFATV Trails - Currently Closed

Bruce Trail - sections not open

Dufferin Grey ATV- CLOSED

Essex County ATV- CLOSED

Great Lakes ATV- CLOSED

Mid-Ontario ATV- CLOSED

Norfolk County ATV -Closed

Thousand Islands ATV Club- CLOSED

Norfolk County Trails - select trails

Cootes Escarpment Royal Botanical Gardens

London Ontario

Paris to Ancaster Race Cancelled

Algonquin Highlands Ski and Snowshoe Trails

Cataraqui Conservation - News announcement of April 23 maintains closure of some trails

Ganaraska Forest - lands remain closed

Conservation Halton

Grand River Conservation Areas and Trails

Algonquin Park and Friends of Algonquin Park

Central Lake Ontario Conservation

Credit Valley Conservation Trails

Kawartha Conservation Areas

Bruce County Operated Trails

Bruce Trail

Maitland Conservation Area

Harold Town Trail Park


City of Hamilton

NCC Closes Gatineau Park

Parks Canada - order of closure extended to May 31, 2020

Dufferin Grey ATV Trails

Ontario Snowmobile Trails


Bruce Trail - Tobermory Section

Victoria Rail Trail - due to abuse of priveledge

Conservation Halton - Issuing $1,000.00 fines for trespass

Hamilton Conservation Areas - all non rail trails remain closed

1. Devils Punchbowl - closed

2. Tiffany Falls - closed

3. Tew Falls - closed

4. Webster Falls - closed

5. Dundas Peak - closed

Turkey Point Mountain Bike Trails - select woodlots

Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority

Larose Forest

City of Toronto Parks and Trails

Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority

Nottawasaga Bluffs Conservation Area

Saugeen Conservation Authority

Grey Sauble Conservation Areas and Trails

Northumberland County Forest

City of Ottawa Parks - fines levied

National Capital Commission Trails - no vehicle access

Ausable Bayfield Conservation

City of Hamilton Trail Recreation Destinations

Wasaga Beach Provincial Park Trails

Kettle Creek Conservation Areas

Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority

Dufferin Regional Forest and Dufferin Rail Trails

City of Hamilton Parks

Limerick Forest

City of Belleville Parks and Open Spaces - fines levied

City of Sudbury

Sault Ste. Marie - some conservation areas

Bancroft/Bancroft Eagles Nest Trail

Information and Articles

BlogTO - recommended use areas

North Bay Mattawa Conservation - the trails, you and your dog.

Narcity GTA Trails Closed

Hamilton March 24 - You can still take a walk

Destination Canada COVID-19 Webinar

Coronavirus - Reshaping the way we get around cities - cycling

British Columbia - Outdoor Recreation Council of BC

BC Parks Close to Camping

Edmonton - spread out or loose access

Ontario Emergency Order

Town of Orangeville

City of Toronto - Fines for Misuse

Toronto Star - Can I go for a Walk

Wondering about the current conditions of your favourite Ontario Trail? Open, closed, flooded out, end of season - we've compiled links to reports and updates.

It can be frustrating to head out to your trail, all loaded up to find the park is closed, the trail is underwater or its hunting season and the trail has been given over. These links should help you get connected to those that know, or in some cases - real time information.

Don't have a source you know? - send it to us! We'd be happy to add it.

For direct daily weather be sure to use Ontario Trails 'Find a Trail" to see reports on the local trail and current weather.

Alerts in Ontario Parks - from Ontario Parks, reporting on a wide range of impacts from water conditions, to fires, to open or closed.

Anglers and Hunters - places to fish and reported routes, a guide to access MNRF information by the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters

ATV Trail Conditions - a link to trails that are open to you with an OFATV Trail Pass. Seasonal Closures - this link will report seasonally.

Blue Mountain Resort - reports on a variety of activites, hiking, skiing, mountain biking and more.

Climbing Trails - a link to reporting by the Ontario Alliance of Climbers as to which trails are open or closed.

Crown Land Atlas - this link shows Government of Ontario information on land use for trails.

Cycling Road Conditions - as bikes are allowed on roads we refer you to the reporting of the Weather Network.

Distance Needed Even When Walking Around

Dirt Bike Trails that are reported open for use by Ontario Federation of Trail Riders . Seasonal Closures - this link will report seasonally.

Land Information Ontario - Trail Asset Map.

Ontario Mountain Bike Trail Conditions - as reported by TrailForks.

Ontario Mountain Bike Trail Conditions as reported by Ontario Mountain Bike Conditions Facebook Group.

OFATV Trail Map - for ATV'ers to know what ATV trails are open and closed in Ontario.

Snowmobile Trails - OFSC Snowmobile Trail Conditions

Ski Report from Ontario Parks