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Trail Counts

Ever wondered who is using your trail and when? Looking for more than just a static count of trail activity? Tell others about who is using your trail and what makes your trail a popular destination!

We have your answer.

Utilizing smartphone technology trail users can now complete a short survey that:

  • Logs in the trip
  • Single counts individual users
  • Consolidates results for centralized reporting
  • Consultation on survey content.
  • We ask your questions - the facility manager asks what they want to know!
  • Allows for separate trail counting
  • Multi-season operation
  • 24/7collection
  • Identifies quality of trail experiences
  • Provides you feedback loop

Wherever there is a smartphone signal, you could be gathering and collecting additional user reported information that will make for a better trail! Got great trails? Get the feedback that keeps you in the know!

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Low maintenance

Using weatherproof decals our qr code user survey method allows trail users to quickly and easily provide you with information you need to assess, improve, direct, re-direct, or provide information to the user - from the trail. Our proprietary method has been developed by over 140 trail users and with the input of The City of Thunder Bay and Norfolk County Trail Managers.

Low cost - all packages include support.

  • Decal design
  • Decal Printing - max 6 sheets, various size decals
  • More decals option (fee charged)
  • Survey Set-up
  • Survey reports
  • All system maintenance
  • Regional Comparisons
  • Seasonal variances
  • Trail differentiations
  • Use patterns

Packages - Remember Other Trail Counters Start at $540.00 a pair for ONE trail.

OTC Member? - Take $25.00 off each package!

  • Blue - 4-10 trails:  $275.00 and registration fees
    • Maximum 20 sheets of decals
  • Green - 10-20 trails: $400.00 and registration fees
    • Maximum 40 sheets of decals
  • Gold - 20 or more trails: Starting at $600.00 and registration fees
    • TBD

We've kept the price low - comparible pairs of static counters, that provide no demographic or qualitative information start at @$750.00 a pair, per trail - at OTC we are maintenance free, so operating cost is never an issue! Get information on your rural trails - save on gas, training, maintenance and get better connected to your customer: THE TRAIL USER!

Various decal sizes to meet your needs!

8 decals per sheet - each decal is @4.5" (W) X 1.12" (T) or 11.43cm (W) X 2.8cm (T)

4 decals per sheet - each decal is @ 6" (W) X 1.75" (T) or 15.24cm (W) X 4.44cm (T)

2 decals per sheet - each decal is @ 9" (W) X 2.25" (T) or 22.86cm (W) x 5.72cm (T)

Please note this process is copyright to OTC. Thanks

Networked Trail Traffic Service - 

Do you have a trail that comes into your area from somewhere else? Is it managed by someone other than you? Ever want to know how much trail traffic was passing through, staying. or going away from your place - on your trail? Trails network and they cross jurisdictions. How much maintenance are you doing for traffic that comes from someone else's trail? We can answer that! Watch this space for our Trillium Trail (C) Decal. It is designed specifically for trail networks!

Other Facilities?

Do you have a trail that comes into park, runs around the arena or pool and you'd like to know more about cross flow and traffic integration? Ontario Trails can offer this same method to integrate additional feedbak from your other recreation facilities as well - producing for you a comprehensive report on traffic, quality of experience at your arena, pool or tourism destination - giving you a sense of aggregate operation and our 4 F's - "fit, flow, funding and function." 

Your purchase provides survey for one year from date of decal delivery (+/-) 2 days. Thank-you.

Trails to Count
Single Trail (1) $50.00 CADTrails (1-3) $150.00 CADBlue (4-10) $300.00 CADGreen (10-20) $500.00 CADGold (20+) $1,000.00 CAD

Call Patrick at 613-484-1140

*Shipping and handling extra

** Colour print extra