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Bike Smart

From spring through fall, riders flock to Ontario to experience some of the most beautiful bike trails in the world! Always wear a helmet and protective gear and carry all the essentials in case of a break-down or emergency.

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Bike Smart Tips

  • Respect the terrain and ride within your ability. Check the difficulty rating system on your trail map and know your limits.
  • Respect the environment – stick to the trail and don’t carve short cuts. Local trail builders do an outstanding job of maintaining trails and preventing erosion, so do your part by staying on track.
  • Respect other users – slow down or stop when passing horses, hikers, or runners. Simply put, share the trail!

10 Biking Essentials

  1. A Trip Plan left with a responsible person
  2. Terrain-appropriate bike (well-maintained, and adjusted properly for you)
  3. Helmet specific to your style of riding
  4. Footwear specific to your style of riding
  5. Body armour for your style of riding (arms/legs, full compression suit, etc.)
  6. Bike shorts or full bike pants, each with chamois
  7. Jersey (long or short sleeve)
  8. Trail Maps
  9. Small backpack/camel back water system
  10. Patch kit (tube, pump and duct tape)


  • Waterproof jacket for wet weather
  • Bug spray
  • Sunscreen
  • Lighting system for night rides

Video Vignette

Lakeshore Mountain Biking
A beautiful summer ride along the south shore of Lake Ontario.