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We thank you for becoming a member of the Ontario Trails Council. We could not do our work without your support.

By joining Ontario Trails you are showing just how much you beleive in recreational trails in Ontario! Like all of us at OTC you share our passion for their use, preservation, management and development.

It takes great support, from people like you to change regulations, improve laws, manage by-laws, determine standards and precatices and hold educational forums.

Learn more about us by reading our "ABOUT ONTARIO TRAILS - 2018"

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MEMBER SERVICES - for Paid Memberships, thanks.

Your Partnership with Ontario Trails is just the beginning! As a Member, you get some options on great services - 


Access to insurance, trail insurance and other services from CAPRI. 

Advocacy Information

Your voice in Toronto, in your town and city, and in Ottawa, representing you on issues that matter to you. Trail Legislation, Landowner Rights, Best Practices, Funding and Grant Programs.

Latest Information for Having Your Best Trail

Partners can access the latest information to learn more about healthy living, trail planning, trail protection and managing your trail.  Access to E-newsletter and programs like the Trillium Trail Network.

Community Events & Services

Get involved with one of our 200+ partnerships across Ontario and join the many volunteers making a difference in your community. We'll promote and list your events at no charge.

Planning and Development

We'll get your community to support you! We'll get your community leaders to fund you. If we don't we'll assist in writing grants (for a fee) to get you the money you need to develop the trails you want.

Trail Management Services

As your Partner in Trails, we'll help you develop a Regional Trails Council, Incorporate, we provide governance guidance and education to staff and volunteer. We'll help you define projects, secure funds, and we'll bring other knowledge experts in to assit you!

"Trailhead" Brand Conferences and Meetings

We'll help you plan, invite, secure and present, on your trails! Use the power of our network to bring experts to your community, where your leaders can learn about latest practices, trail successes and opportunities. - From 40-140 people, we bring media and marketing of your work home to you! Investment Requred, OTC Earnings and Return on Revenue Offered.

PLUS! Award-winning WEBSITE Publication

The Ontario Trails Council lists you, your trails, and your latest events, news about your work. Our award winning website gets people to Ontario Trails better than just stand alone!


As a paying member and in order to help you out best, we are interested in the kinds of services you require.

Conflict on trails, funding needed, modified listing on the website, letter of support for a project, recognizing a volunteer?

We are happy to help!

Please complete a service request form so we are better able to help you out! Please note - Service Priority is given to members.

Service Request Form - pdf 

Service Request Form - Word Doc


Our entire organization is knowledge based. And that starts with knowing about trails. Long, short, hilly, treed, type of use, amenities and location. And more!

Please add your trail to our website - use this link: ADD YOUR TRAIL

Please add your event to our website - use this link: ADD YOUR EVENT


Have you traveled a certain trail? If you have any corrections or new information you'd like to send us, we'd love your input. Also, any photos or videos you may have taken of your adventures on this or any other trail are welcome as well. Be a part of our trail community!

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Ontario Nature Publication -

Madawaska Highlander - upcoming commentary on Bill 100 and impacts 1 year later. 

North Hastings Non-Motorized Planning Process Underway - Ontario trails working with North Hastings to fulfill a NM master plan. Funding provided by Ontario Trillium Foundation.


We offer a wide range of ways to connect with the OTC.
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