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Ontario Trails Week

Ontario Trails Week may or may not be called each year.

However you can show your support for trails everyday!

Ontario Trails recognizing the trails that offer so much of us so much enjoyment, by encouraging you to share your trail stories Ontario Trails Week.

Add an Ontario Trail Week Logo to your website! 

Ontario Trails WeekOntario Trail DayOntario Trail Count

Watch for it on our social media, our facebook page and in our twitter feed.

Tell us all about your trail event and join us as we celebrate Ontario's Trails!

1. Log in Your Event  - Event spreadsheet.

2. Add your event to our event calendar -  add it here.

3. When there is a Trails week - Engage Ontarians with our social media plan. Use our themes.

Themes for each day

  • Day 1 - Intro Day – general post introducing 1st annual Trails Week & benefit of trails/why we love trails/photos to showcase trails
  • Day 2 - Trail Etiquette –what you can do (as trail users) to protect trails for future generations & ensure all trail users have an enjoyable and safe experience #TrailTipTues
  • Day 3 - Trail Management –what we do (as trail managers) to protect trails and enhance the trail experience
  • Day 4 - Throwback Thursday - #TBT Your Best Trail Day Activity Ever”
  • Day 5 - #FunFact Friday “Your Favorite Ontario Trail” Post
  • Day 6 -  International/Ontario Trails Day – recognize contribution trails make to people's quality of life, count yourself in
  • Day 7 - ICYMI – In Case You Missed It - highlights of posts and pictures from Ontario's Trails Week 2018.

Local Accounts to tag in twitter: example of Toronto

Toronto Forestry: @TOtrees
Toronto Parks: @TorontoPFR
Toronto Cycling: @TO_Cycling
TRCA Trails: @TRCA_Trails
Ontario Trails Council: @ONtrails
Hashtags to use:

4. Post your personalized decal on your Trail - we have one for every group on our list. Get your decal here.

elliot lake trails survey

5. Add your trail user survey to any of your trail pages - we've made one for our members and regions. Get your decal here 

We've checked the links, if something isn't working simply give us a call - 613-484-1140. We'll be adding these links to the various relevant trail pages in your regions and RTO's/DMO's over the upcoming year!

6. Send us Ontario Trails Week video - we'll be posting content on-line at and we'd be happy to add to our trails tube - 

Whether you paddle, ride, walk, bike, hike, climb or get fit on your favourite trail, Ontario Trails Week is your chance to coordinate an event to celebrate the diversity and inclusivity of Ontario's 2600+ trails!

Missing? You may want to talk to us about OTC Membership. 613-484-1140 We'd be happy to connect with you.