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The #1 Source for Ontario Trails Information

Every month over visitors from across Ontario, Canada, USA, Europe and the world look to the OTC site as their first choice for Ontario trail information. They're planning cycling trips through Niagara's wine country, treks into Algonquin Park, horseback riding, snowmobiling and off-road adventures into the wilds north of Superior. You are likely one!

OTC Web Site Statistics* for 2014-17:

• Total number of sessions - 1,034,000
• Number of users - 820,220
• May-August peak -252,239 users
• Total Page Views - 2,138,782
• Average # sessions month - 86,167
• July 2015 highest total visitors 91,102

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ontario trails on twitter52,576 @ontrails and spcific activity!


"A quick note to share some exciting news and share the credit too. As you know, this past year, Algonquin Highlands has been advertising on the OTC site. Well, our regular season ended on October 31, and in a yearend report we were very happy to report that we've experienced a 6.3% increase in users from the previous year.

This was during a cool, wet summer and economic downturn where some Ontario Parks and municipalities have seen declines of nearly 20% at their recreational and camping facilities.

We are thrilled with our results and the traffic that the OTC site has driven to our site. Thank you for helping us make this a very successful year for Algonquin Highlands.”

– Mark Coleman, Trails Coordinator, Algonquin Highlands

RANKING from ComScore - ComScore is a leading analytics organization that provides industry standard rankings

"There are a couple of other trail sites as well, but our media wholesaler - Suite 66 - wasn't able to locate another one big enough to be reported in ComScore. 

For the month of September 2014, Canadian stats: 70,669 sessions, 58,788 users, 141,555 page views

ComScore reports the following for comparison:

Major Outdoor Canadian Site:  50,440 UV’s / 141,555 PV’s (OTC 3X more!)

Major Geographic Site National:  41,000 UV’s / 141,555 PV’s (OTC 70% more!)

OTC is performing strongly with all these considerations. People who choose to advertise with OTC are usually looking for a specific audience, and that is something that is not always easy to find." from Context Creative


ontario trails media kit

As an aid to you in making decisions about where you are going to spend your advertising dollar so that it maximizes your return, we've created a complete document for your use. This shows traffic stats, demographics of our audience, peak use and page information requests.

We'll place ads tailored to you, in the size you prefer, for the period of time you want, thereby maximizing your target market exposure. We have done this for Jeep, Ford, Michelob, Collingwood, Algoquin Highlands and others. We do seasonal, strategically targetted (ie cycling pages only) and full skin ads to give you page presence.

For more information on advertising opportunities, call Suite 66

Navjot Purewal at - 416.628.5565


*Source: Google analytics