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There are many ways you can volunteer to help trails in your region. Whether you're working outside maintaining trails, or helping with the administration of trails, all volunteer work is useful and appreciated. Contact your local organization to make your contribution.

Here's how to volunteer

  • You can share your time, money, knowledge, experience and good will
  • You can contribute to your local trail organization or help the provincial organization, the Ontario Trails Council
  • You can be an organizer. All trail activities require some type of organizing team and leadership
  • You can be an ambassador. The Ontario Trails Council has a booth at many trade shows and events. It takes organization and volunteers to staff the booths. This is a great way to meet people and talk about something of personal interest to you.

Photographers, speakers, writers

  • You can be a photographer. There is always a need for good trail photos for use in presentations, newsletters and other publications. We need photos of good trail design, of support facilities like gates and bridges, of people working on the trail and, most of all, of people enjoying the trail.
  • You can be a spokesperson. Service clubs, health organizations, schools, naturalist and conservation organizations are all interested in trails. If you enjoy public speaking, you can give an OTC trails speech.
  • You can be a writer. The OTC newsletter Greenways can always use more contributions. You could write about successful trail projects and adventures or current issues you feel are important.

Volunteer Support Issues

In every volunteer organization across Canada volunteers are concerned about the liability they face if something goes wrong in the organization they are supporting.

In response, the OTC has endorsed an initiative that is looking for change in the laws that would protect volunteers from frivolous lawsuits in relation to trail activities. This initiative supports well-educated, responsible, professional volunteerism.

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