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Backroad Mapbooks

The Backroad Mapbook Series is Canada's guide to the outdoors. We pride ourselves on providing up-to-date topographic maps and outdoor recreation descriptions needed to get you outdoors safely and confidently. We have Backroad maps for all of Canada in a variety of formats including our very popular mapbooks, PDF books, digital maps, GPS maps and TOPO maps.

Here are a few features that make our mapbooks such a hit:

Backroad Mapbook Highlights:

  • Complete area topographic map coverage at better scales (150,000–250,000 depending on the province and region)
  • Extensive logging, industry and bush road coverage detailing road systems not found on most other maps
  • Labeled backcountry roads and recreational features
  • Trail systems, including defined ATV, snowmobile & multi-use trails
  • Paddling routes with access points and portages marked
  • Parks, protected and natural areas clearly labeled with symbols showcasing the main activities or amenities
  • Recreation sites, conservation areas and regional park systems labeled and symboled
  • Wildlife Management Unit boundaries for anglers and hunters
  • Elevation relief shading with labeled contours to highlight mountains and river valleys
  • UTM Grids along with latitude and longitude bearings
  • Ontario Crown and Private/Restricted Land identified
  • Alberta and Manitoba township grids
  • Descriptions or write-ups on Backroad Attractions, Fishing (lakes, streams & ocean), Hunting, Paddling (lake, river & ocean), Parks and Recreation Sites, Trails (hiking, biking, ATV & multi-use), Wildlife Viewing, Winter Recreation (cross-country ski, downhill ski, snowshoe & snowmobile)
  • And much, much more

From the vast wilderness and rugged Canadian Shield landscape of the north of the province to the hundreds of recreation lakes and sprawling, colourful forests of the south, Ontario is a province brimming with outdoor adventure opportunities. To help you make the most out of this breathtaking part of Canada, we have combined all of our Ontario Backroad Mapbooks into one convenient discount bundle.

This bundle will help you navigate the province from corner to corner and includes the Northwestern Ontario, Northeastern Ontario, Cottage Country Ontario and Southern Ontario Backroad Mapbook titles. There is no better resource available for exploring the best of Ontario’s outdoors than this Backroad Mapbook bundle.

ontario bundle backroads mapbooks