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Canada's Economic Action Plan

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Grant Application English - due June 26, 2009

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Ontario Grant Recipients

National Grant Recipients

What is the National Trails Coalition?

The National Trails Coalition (NTC) is the operating name for the Coalition of Canadian Trails Organizations, a federally incorporated not-for-profit organization. Its members are: Canadian Trails Federation (CTF), Canadian Council of Snowmobile Organizations (CCSO) and the Canadian Off-Highway Vehicle Distributors Council (COHV). The NTC was founded in 2007 based on a common belief that cooperative approaches and support at the national level would facilitate trail building and refurbishment activities; be beneficial to the long term sustainability of all forms of trail-based activities; and stimulate economic activity and development in communities across the country.

The NTC received a $25 million dollar investment from the Government of Canada in Budget 2009: Canada’s Economic Action Plan. These federal dollars must be matched by cash contributions from NTC member organizations or their partners. 

Aside from delivering a much needed boost to the recreational trails sector in Canada, this program is intended to create jobs in the near term and a lasting platform upon which more jobs can be created in the future.

The purpose of this document is to provide member organizations with information that will be helpful when preparing their grant application.

Is my organization eligible?

In order to be eligible for the NTC Grant Program, an organization must be a member in good standing of one of the following organizations:

  1. The Canadian Trails Federation (CTF) or one of its provincial-territorial members;

  2. A provincial-territorial rider federation recognized by the Canadian Off-Highway Vehicle Distributors’ Council and/or of the Motorcyclists Confederation of Canada (MCC) or the ATV & Quad Council of Canada (AQCC), or one of its provincial-territorial affiliates;

  3. A provincial-territorial organization recognized by the Canadian Council of Snowmobile Organizations (CCSO) or one of its members’ clubs.

For a list of the members of the above organizations in each province and territory, please go to the NTC website:

Does my project meet the eligibility criteria?

Projects involving construction, upgrade, renovation or rehabilitation of multi-purpose trails, non-motorized trails, snowmobile trails and all-terrain vehicle / off-road motorcycle trails are eligible.  More specifically these projects include:

  • New trail construction

  • Trail upgrade / improvement

  • Bridge and water crossing construction, upgrade and rehabilitation;

  • Signage;

  • Trail surveying and tracking; and

  • Trail rehabilitation.

Can my project be completed by March 31, 2010?

This funding program applies only to the 2009-2010 fiscal year. As such, projects must be “shovel ready” and of a scope and size that can be completed within the fiscal year by the successful applicant.

Projects that have an overall timeline of more than one year may be partially eligible if a clearly identified phase of the overall project can be started and completed within the one year timeline of this funding program.

Does my application meet the mandatory requirements listed on the application form?

Applicants must meet the mandatory requirements set out on the application form including the following:

  • Evidence that project proponent’s incorporation status is in good standing;

  • Proof of Directors & Officers insurance;

  • Proof of Comprehensive General Liability insurance;

  • Evidence that all legislated environmental assessment and protection requirements have been satisfied;

  • Letter of support from the provincial trail organization related to the trail project category selected.

What costs are eligible?

Eligible costs include only the following:

  • the capital costs of constructing, rehabilitating, upgrading or renovating trails;

  • the costs of joint communication activities (press releases, press conferences, translation, etc.) and signage recognition;

  • the costs of surveying, engineering, architectural supervision, testing and management consulting services, including but not limited to fees paid to professionals, technical personnel, consultants and contractors;

  • the costs of labour, materials, licenses or permits and equipment rental, for the refurbishment and construction of trails;

  • the costs of labour, materials, licenses or permits and equipment rental, for the refurbishment and construction of water crossings, including but not limited to bridges;

  • the costs of environmental assessments, monitoring, and follow-up programs as required by federal or provincial legislation;

  • the costs of engineering reports and/or economic impact studies;

  • costs of purchasing and installing signage for trails, including regulatory, safety, directional, interpretive, and trailhead signage; and

  • other costs that are considered by NTC to be direct and necessary for the successful implementation of your project.

Only costs incurred after June 26, 2009 and on or before March 31, 2010 are eligible for this funding. However, projects that commenced earlier than June 26, 2009 may be eligible projects and in those cases matching funds could be used to cover some of those earlier costs.

How do I apply?

To be considered for funding you will need to submit a project application form. The application form can be filled and printed online.

Who can I contact to obtain more information?

If you have further questions about the program, you may contact us directly at any of our provincial/territorial offices by email.

More application guidelines...

For more information contact:

Regional Trail Coordinator Ontario -

Rick Antaya -

Ontario Trail Council members as at: 1730 June 23, 2009

Ontario Projects @ November 20, 2009

  • Project Name: Kawartha Trans Canada Trail
    • Nearest Town: Lindsay
    • Group: Non-motorized
    • Project Number: ON-1
  • Project Name: Midland Trail Link to Tayshore Trail
    • Nearest Town: Midland
    • Group: Non-motorized
    • Project Number: ON-2
  • Project Name: Ramsey Lake Path
    • Nearest Town: Sudbury
    • Group: Non-motorized
    • Project Number: ON-3
  • Project Name: Sir Sam’s - Mountain Biking Trail Expansion
    • Nearest Town: Haliburton
    • Group: Non-motorized
    • Project Number: ON-4
  • Project Name: Norfolk Sunrise Trail - Queensway Underpass
    • Nearest Town: Simcoe
    • Group: Non-motorized
    • Project Number: ON-5
  • Project Name: Lower Trent Trail Development
    • Nearest Town: Frankford
    • Group: Non-motorized
    • Project Number: ON-6
  • Project Name: Waterford Heritage Trail (TH&B)
    • Nearest Town: Waterford
    • Group: Non-motorized
    • Project Number: ON-7
  • Project Name: North Simcoe Railtrail - Black Creek Bridge Replacement
    • Nearest Town: Wasaga Beach
    • Group: ORM
    • Project Number: ON-8
  • Project Name: Discovery Routes - Voyer Trail and Clear Lake Trail
    • Nearest Town: North Bay
    • Group: Non-motorized
    • Project Number: ON-9
  • Project Name: St. Clair River Trail
    • Nearest Town: St. Clair
    • Group: Non-motorized
    • Project Number: ON-10
  • Project Name: Cataraqui Trail - Sydenham and Camden East Trail improvements
    • Nearest Town: Glenburnie
    • Group: Mixed-use
    • Project Number: ON-12
  • Project Name: Old Mill Trail - Sign Project
    • Nearest Town: Oil Springs
    • Group: Non-motorized
    • Project Number: ON-13
  • Project Name: Hungry Hollow Trail System
    • Nearest Town: Halton Hills
    • Group: Non-motorized
    • Project Number: ON-15
  • Project Name: Kamview Nordic Centre - Surface Water Management
    • Nearest Town: Thunder Bay
    • Group: Non-motorized
    • Project Number: ON-16
  • Project Name: Frontenac Arch - Trails of the Biosphere
    • Nearest Town: Lansdowne
    • Group: Non-motorized
    • Project Number: ON-17
  • Project Name: Grand River C.A. Cambridge to Paris Trail Upgrade
    • Nearest Town: Cambridge
    • Group: Non-motorized
    • Project Number: ON-18
  • Project Name: EC Drury Trail Community Connection
    • Nearest Town: Milton
    • Group: Non-motorized
    • Project Number: ON-19
  • Project Name: Sault Ste. Marie Hub Trail System
    • Nearest Town: Sault Ste Marie
    • Group: Non-motorized
    • Project Number: ON-22
  • Project Name: East Duffins Headwaters Trail
    • Nearest Town: Toronto
    • Group: Non-motorized
    • Project Number: ON-23
  • Project Name: Prescott & Russell Recreational Trail
    • Nearest Town: Plantagenet
    • Group: Non-motorized
    • Project Number: ON-24
  • Project Name: Tilbury Northside Park Trail
    • Nearest Town: Chatham-Kent
    • Group: Non-motorized
    • Project Number: ON-26
  • Project Name: School House Trail - Township of Georgian Bay
    • Nearest Town: Port Severn
    • Group: Non-motorized
    • Project Number: ON-27
  • Project Name: Waterfront Trail Connection
    • Nearest Town: Oshawa
    • Group: Non-motorized
    • Project Number: ON-28
  • Project Name: Port Hope Trails Improvement
    • Nearest Town: Port Hope
    • Group: Non-motorized
    • Project Number: ON-29
  • Project Name: Stokely Creek Lodge Trail
    • Nearest Town: Goulais River
    • Group: Non-motorized
    • Project Number: ON-30
  • Project Name: Essex to Amherstburg Greenway
    • Nearest Town: Essex
    • Group: Non-motorized
    • Project Number: ON-31
  • Project Name: Island Lake Community Trail Project
    • Nearest Town: Mississauga
    • Group: Non-motorized
    • Project Number: ON-32
  • Project Name: Hearst Trail System Extension and Enhancement
    • Nearest Town: Hearst
    • Group: Non-motorized
    • Project Number: ON-33
  • Project Name: Willow Creek Trail
    • Nearest Town: Peterborough
    • Group: Non-motorized
    • Project Number: ON-35
  • Project Name: Sequin Trail Restoration - Hunstville to Parry Sound
    • Nearest Town: Parry Sound
    • Group: Mixed-use
    • Project Number: ON-37
  • Project Name: Near North Trails Association - OFSC District 11 - Project 1 Round Algonquin Park tour
    • Nearest Town: Head, Clara, Maria
    • Group: Snowmobile
    • Project Number: ON-40
  • Project Name: Near North Trails Association - OFSC District 11 - Project 2 Round Nippissing tour
    • Nearest Town: French River
    • Group: Snowmobile
    • Project Number: ON-41
  • Project Name: Snow Country Snowmobile Association - OFSC District 6 - Project 1 & 2 Round Algonquin Park Tour
    • Nearest Town: Bonnerchere Valley
    • Group: Snowmobile
    • Project Number: ON-42
  • Project Name: Mid Ontario Snowmobile Trails - OFSC District 8 - Project 1 TOP C Tay Township
    • Nearest Town: Oro-Medonte
    • Group: Snowmobile
    • Project Number: ON-43
  • Project Name: Algoma Sno Plan Affiliation - OFSC District 13 - Project 1,2 & 3 Trail Head, Destination and Directional Signage
    • Nearest Town: Elliot Lake
    • Group: Snowmobile
    • Project Number: ON-44
  • Project Name: OFSC District 2 - Project 2 TOP Project
    • Nearest Town: Madoc
    • Group: Snowmobile
    • Project Number: ON-45
  • Project Name: OFSC District 1 - Project 1 TOP Project
    • Nearest Town: Madoc
    • Group: Snowmobile
    • Project Number: ON-46
  • Project Name: OFSC District 1 - Project 2 TOP Project
    • Nearest Town: Morrisburg
    • Group: Snowmobile
    • Project Number: ON-47
  • Project Name: OFSC District 3 - Project 2 TOP Feeder Warsaw Project
    • Nearest Town: Haldimand
    • Group: Snowmobile
    • Project Number: ON-48
  • Project Name: Parry Sound Snowmobile Assoc. - OFSC District 10 - Project 1 - TOP Feeder Project
    • Nearest Town: Parry Sound
    • Group: Snowmobile
    • Project Number: ON-49
  • Project Name: Temiskaming Abitibi Trail Association - OFSC District 14 - Project 3 - District wide trail leveling project
    • Nearest Town: Kirkland Lake
    • Group: Snowmobile
    • Project Number: ON-50
  • Project Name: OFSC District 9 Projects 1,2 & 3
    • Nearest Town: St. Jacobs
    • Group: Snowmobile
    • Project Number: ON-51
  • Project Name: North of Superior Snowmobile Association - OFSC District 16 - Project 1
    • Nearest Town: Thunder Bay
    • Group: Snowmobile
    • Project Number: ON-52
  • Project Name: Southern Ontario Trail Builders Alliance - OFSC District 4 - Project 1
    • Nearest Town: Uxbridge
    • Group: Snowmobile
    • Project Number: ON-53
  • Project Name: Northern Corridor Du Nord - OFSC District 15 - Project 2&3
    • Nearest Town: Cochrane
    • Group: Snowmobile
    • Project Number: ON-54
  • Project Name: Snow Crest Riders Snowmobile Club - OFSC District 7 - Project 1
    • Nearest Town: Gravenhurst
    • Group: Snowmobile
    • Project Number: ON-55
  • Project Name: Northern Corridor Du Nord - OFSC District 15 - Project 1
    • Nearest Town: Cochrane
    • Group: Snowmobile
    • Project Number: ON-56
  • Project Name: Northern Corridor Du Nord - OFSC District 15 - Project 4 - TOP A Kapuskasing
    • Nearest Town: Kapuskasing
    • Group: Snowmobile
    • Project Number: ON-57
  • Project Name: Temiskaming Abitibi Trail Association - OFSC District 14 - Projects 1,2 & 3
    • Nearest Town: Sudbury
    • Group: Snowmobile
    • Project Number: ON-58
  • Project Name: Limerick Forest Trails - rehabilitation, upgrades & new trail construction
    • Nearest Town: Brockville
    • Group: ORM
    • Project Number: ON-59
  • Project Name: Simcoe County Forest Trails
    • Nearest Town: Barrie
    • Group: ORM
    • Project Number: ON-60
  • Project Name: Larose Forest Trails - Infrastructure, Rehabilitation and Signage
    • Nearest Town: Harvey
    • Group: ORM
    • Project Number: ON-61
  • Project Name: Trail construction and rehabilitation
    • Nearest Town: Lucan
    • Group: ORM
    • Project Number: ON-62
  • Project Name: Haliburton Rail Trail Expansion
    • Nearest Town: Highland East
    • Group: ORM
    • Project Number: ON-63
  • Project Name: Eliminate Water Hazard for TMSC
    • Nearest Town: Lakefield
    • Group: ORM
    • Project Number: ON-64
  • Project Name: SCORRA Trail Creation Project
    • Nearest Town: Barrie
    • Group: ORM
    • Project Number: ON-65
  • Project Name: Ganaraska Forest Trail Improvement
    • Nearest Town: Kingston
    • Group: ORM
    • Project Number: ON-66
  • Project Name: Upgrade to Voyageur Multi-Use Trail System
    • Nearest Town: Papineau / Cameron
    • Group: ORM
    • Project Number: ON-67
  • Project Name: Inventory and Trail Awareness Project
    • Nearest Town: Barrie
    • Group: ORM
    • Project Number: ON-68
  • Project Name: Enhancement of Haliburton Highlands Water & Hiking Trails & OHV staging areas
    • Nearest Town: Dorset
    • Group: ORM
    • Project Number: ON-69
  • Project Name: Staging Area and Trail Education Centre
    • Nearest Town:Brockville
    • Group: ORM
    • Project Number: ON-70
  • Project Name: Minden Hills HATVA
    • Nearest Town: Minden
    • Group: ORM
    • Project Number: ON-71
  • Project Name: Salarno Creek Bridge Resurfacing
    • Nearest Town: Lakefield
    • Group: ORM
    • Project Number: ON-72
  • Project Name: Somerville, CKL and Millenium Trail
    • Nearest Town: Barrie
    • Group: ORM
    • Project Number: ON-73
  • Project Name: Cardiff Community Trail Project
    • Nearest Town: Cardiff
    • Group: ORM
    • Project Number: ON-74
  • Project Name: Monmouth Rail Trail and Gooderham Park Walking Trail
    • Nearest Town: Monmouth
    • Group: ORM
    • Project Number: ON-75
  • Project Name: Calabogie-Madawaska Trail
    • Nearest Town: Madawaska
    • Group: ORM
    • Project Number: ON-76
  • Project Name: Trail Rehabilitation
    • Nearest Town: Innerkip
    • Group: ATV
    • Project Number: ON-77
  • Project Name: Lake Erie North Shore ATV Trail
    • Nearest Town: Aylmer
    • Group: ATV
    • Project Number: ON-78
  • Project Name: NVATVC Trail Overhaul
    • Nearest Town: Williamsburg
    • Group: ATV
    • Project Number: ON-79
  • Project Name: Trail B Repairs Madawaska to Whitney
    • Nearest Town: Pembroke
    • Group: ATV
    • Project Number: ON-80
  • Project Name: New Trail Development
    • Nearest Town: Caledonia
    • Group: ATV
    • Project Number: ON-81
  • Project Name: Stanrock Road by Pass, Charlie Lake Loop and Boardwalk Run
    • Nearest Town: Elliot Lake
    • Group: ATV
    • Project Number: ON-82
  • Project Name: Rehabilitation of Eastern Ontario Trail Network
    • Nearest Town: Tweed
    • Group: ATV
    • Project Number: ON-83
  • Project Name: CP Installation of Gates
    • Nearest Town: Clarksburg
    • Group: ATV
    • Project Number: ON-84
  • Project Name: Sauble Beach to Wiarton Trail
    • Nearest Town: Wiarton
    • Group: ATV
    • Project Number: ON-85
  • Project Name: Upgrading and enlarging Trail System
    • Nearest Town: Navan
    • Group: ATV
    • Project Number: ON-86
  • Project Name: Improvements to Nipigon-Red Rock Recreation Trail
    • Nearest Town: Nipigon
    • Group: Non-motorized
    • Project Number: ON-87
  • Project Name: Ear Falls Central Park Trails
    • Nearest Town: Ear Falls
    • Group: Non-motorized
    • Project Number: ON-90
  • Project Name: OFSC District 1 - Project 3 - Safety and information Signage Project
    • Nearest Town: Alexandria
    • Group: Non-motorized
    • Project Number: ON-92
  • Project Name: OFSC District 5 - Project 1,2,3 - Trail grading, culverts and bridge repair
    • Nearest Town: Elgin, Strathroy
    • Group: Snowmobile
    • Project Number: ON-93
  • Project Name: OFSC District 17 - Project 2 - Two Bridge construction project TOP A Trail
    • Nearest Town: Dryden
    • Group: Snowmobile
    • Project Number: ON-94
  • Project Name: OFSC District 12 - Project 1 & 2 - Bridge refurbishment project - signage
    • Nearest Town: Espanola
    • Group: Snowmobile
    • Project Number: ON-95
  • Project Name: OFSC District 3 - Project 1 - Trail reroute Improvement project Norwood to Indian River
    • Nearest Town: Norwood
    • Group: Snowmobile
    • Project Number: ON-96