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Trail Building

All over Ontario volunteers, municipalities, parks and trail users build trails. Add your trail building club or project.

Trails are built by trained trail building and design educated volunteers, clubs of users, even specific trail building contractors. These contractors can be hired to built a trail to suit the land and your use requirements.

Whether you have water that needs managment, ground truthing of your path, a bridge, a diversion, an overpass or even a build to promote greater accessibility, Ontario's trail builders fashion trails from the land for all of us to enjoy. Whether for spiritual health physical well-being, a ride with friends or a day out in winter on a snowmobile, Ontario trail builders have made a trail for you!

Current Projects



Happy Trails Construction

Sustainable Trails Inc.

Treadscape Inc.

Volunteer Builders

IMBA Volunteers

Durham Mountain Biking Club - DMBA

The Hydrocut

HAFTA - Halton Agreement Forest Association

Huntsville Mountain Bike Association

North Hastings Economic Development Trail Projects

Ottawa Mountain Bike Association

Peterborough Trail Builders Association

Central Ontario ATV Club

Kolapore Wilderness Trails Association

Kincardine Trails Association

K and P Community Group


Carlington Bike Park 2018-19

DMBA October 19, 2019

HAFTA October 20, 2019

OMBA October 20, 2019

HMBA October 26, 2019

K and P November 1, 2019

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