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Press Releases

This page is available to promote news and events from our supporting organizations. Organizations interested in submitting papers, event notices etc. please e-mail


Includes notices published in the press or other public media

21.5.19 A2A Inaugural Kingston Link Trek - pdf

21.5.19 A2A Inaugural Kingston Link Trek - poster

7.1.16 OFSC and OPP release statment on Snowmobile Safety - pdf

22.12.15 Ontario Trails Coordinating Committee Action Plan 2014

17.12.15 Trail User Survey 2014 

17.12.15 Trail User Survey 2014 En francais

30.7.15 Conservation Authorities Act Review - pdf

13.5.15 Ontario Trails responds to announcement of Trails Act - pdf

11.2.14 National Trails Coalition receives Federal Funds - pdf

17.5.13 Niagara Trails Long Weekend - pdf

17.2.11 Trans Canada Trail Ontario - Kinghorn Trail Study - pdf

7.30.09 National Trails Coaliton Announces Grant Funding Decisions - pdf

3.18.09 Federal Government announces 25M for trails - word

8.01.09 Bruce Grey Trail Network News - pdf

7.01.09 Snowmobile Week Jan 11-17, 2009 - pdf

5.01.09 Celebrate Ontario Grant Program - pdf

31.12.08 Snowmobilers regret BC Accident - pdf

24.12.08 OFATV E-News December 2008 - jpeg

15.12.08 Canadian Society of Association Executives News - pdf

18.12.08 LIO Newsletter - pdf

16.12.08 Federation of Canadian Municipalities MP Survey - pdf

11.12.08 OTEC Engaging Generation Y - pdf

8.12.08 Deadline for Accessiblity Access Comment Extended - link

4.12.08 ISMA - Vacation Close to Home! - pdf

20.11.08 Snowmobile Season Launches - pdf

18.11.08 Earlybird Registration Cycling Tourism Toronto - pdf

13.11.08 Green Expo in Kawartha's - pdf

5.11.08 FEO Announcement -pdf

17.10.08 Get Outdoors Magazine Announced - pdf

15.10.08 IMBA - Cycling News - pdf

8.10.08 Festival and Events Ontario Conference Notice - pdf

17.8.8 Liberal party announces Recreation infrastructure funds - pdf

9.8.8 Province announces infrastructrue dollars - pdf

12.6.08 Trans Canada Trail Press Release - pdf

2.6.08 Headwaters Soltice Run - pdf

2.6.08 Scotland Hosts World Mountain Bike Conference - pdf

2.6.08 Ministry of Tourism announces Tourism Week - pdf

30.5.08 HHTTN Trail Gems Audio Tour - pdf

26.5.08 Grand Actions Registry - OTC Update - pdf

26.5.08 Governance Session CSAE Ottawa - link

23.5.08 Trans Canada Trail - AGM

22.5.08 Tour de Greenbelt - pdf

15.5.08 OTEC Temporary Worker Program - pdf

14.5.08 Developing Physical Literacy - An MHP Project - pdf

12.5.08 Bruce Grey Trails Network AGM - pdf

10.5.08 OFATV May E-Bulletin - pdf

9.5.08 Lanark County Trails Corporation Press Release - pdf

8.5.08 4X4 Event Notice - pdf

5.5.08 Non-Profit Awards Chartered Accountants of Ontario, via PRO - pdf

1.5.08 Festivals and Events Ontario - May pdf

15.4.08 CSSO Spring Newsletter - pdf

5.02.08 Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing - Action Report

30.01.08 Ministry of Transportation - Action Report

24.01.08 Leisure Information Network January 2008 Bulletin Compilation

23.01.08 Headwaters RTC Bulletin - MNR Trails Data gathering - pdf

22.01.08 Festival and Events Ontario, January 2008 Notices

10.01.08 Ministry of Natrual Resources - Action Report

19.01.08 Hike Ontario Announces Hike Promotion Manual - pdf n.b. Halton Conservation Program                                                refers to OTC Kicking it up on the Trails Program.

07.12.07 Consumer and Corprate Affairs Act Changes - Notices - eng, fr

15.12.07 MNR Announces Trail Data Sharing Agreement - pdf

03.12.07 OTC Comments on Kawartha Lake Signature Park Access

01.12.07 PST removed on bicycles and helmets under 1,000.00

30.11.07 OTC Comments on Access at Point Pelee P.P.

26.11.07 OTC Signs iPetition - Peterburg Forest Access

19.11.07 OTC Comments - Northumberland ORV Road Access

05.11.07 Great Grant Award Page Posted

04.11.07 Ontario Trillium Foundation announces doubling of Capital Grant Program

03.11.07 Ontario Trails Council receives Provincial Great Grant Award 1982-2007 - (FR)

02.11.07 Canadian Urban Institute - Planning Series Workshop

01.11.07 Media Workshop Announced for Nov 23,24

01.11.07 Ontario Heritage Foundation announces Stephen Lewis Lecture

01.11.07 Liberal Party Announces Platform, pdf here

02.10.07 Headwaters Community announces RTC development, based on trail plan

02.10.07 County Forest Managers want input - Invasive Species

29.09.07 Liberals respond to recreation issues - PRO PA Group

27.09.07 Trans Canada Trail Ontario - launches website

25.09.07 Liberal Party Pledges $3,000,000 for Snowmobiling - OFSC Press

24.09.07 Kawartha Lakes Signature Park Plan bad for trail users OTC! - IMBA Press

14.09.07 Canadian Council of Snowmobile Organizations announces

13.09.07 Greenbelt Foundation announces grants and promotions

10.09.07 Amalquin Highlands workshop

06.09.07 Park and Recreation Ontario - party platforms 2007 election

31.08.07 Canadian Tourism Commission Annual Report

16.08.07 Maitland Trail receives Trillium grant to GPS Trails - Goderich MPP Press

31.07.07 Go Snowmobiling Show announced

15.07.07 Waterfront Regeneration Trust undergoes strategic re-assessment

1.07.07 Powersports Show/OTMPC announced

5.03.07 Brantford Bridge expansion aides trails - Brantford Press

13.02.07 Expanding Greenspace To Benefit Families For Years To Come

29.01.07 Ministry of Health Promotion - $600,000 to Timiskiming for Trails

22.1.07 Canadian Association of All-terrain Vehicles changes name

15.08.06 Ontario Trails Council opens gateway with Context Creative


Business notices such as help wanted, RFP's or other trail business issues.

Mountain Equipment Co-op - Equipment for Kids

Festivals and Events Ontario - June 08 Notice

Canadian Urban Institute - May 08

Festivals and Events Ontario - 08 Conference

Fontasy Signs - trail product revitalized

CTM announces new outdoor publication

Park and Recreation Ontario Annual Forum 2008 - pdf notice

Ministry of Health Promotion - "Trails for Life"Grants program

Ministry of Health Promotion - Community in Action Fund Grants

Ministry of Public Infrastructure Renewal - ComRif Grants

OTC Trail Etiquette Video - Trail Smart!


Includes newsletters and other timely documents for the public.

Get Active Now - April 08 Bulletin

Leisure Information Network - Latest Bulletin

Walk and Bike For Life - June 08 pdf

We Conserve - Business Plan- news soon

Waterfront Trail Newsletter - May/June 2008 E-zine

Tourism Industry Association of Ontario - Recent Statistics

Ontario Tourism Education Corporation - June 2008 News

International Mountain Biking Association - April 08

Haliburton Highlands - Spring 08

Toronto Bruce Trail Club - Latest received 2007

Ministry of Tourism, Research Unit - Business Conditions Release - March 2008

Hike Ontario - Best Practices Announcement



Includes published issue papers, comment pieces, member organizational newsletter articles etc.

Cycling Signage Standards - "Sharrows" to greatly expand cycling in cities

Provincial Policy Reform - Planning Act - Land Use

Provincial Policy Statements - Land Use - Greenbelt

Trillium Trail Network Business Plan - 2007

Trillium Trail Network Bulletin-Summer 2007


Working with the support of the Ontario Trilium Foundation the OTC revitalized itself through the development of best practices for Boards during 2003-2005. While not exhaustive, we are pleased to offer some examples of key reports that make us a better association.

Meeting Management - helps groups to focus

Governance and Planning - Retreat Report

For more information on Corporate Fundraising approaches, Lines of Communication, Staff/Board relations, Committee Structure: Who Does What, Strategic Planning and "Protect Our Volunteers" contact the OTC about becoming a member!

2008 Report on Tourism Competitiveness 2008 - pdf

2007 Trails Summit Proceedings - 200 pages of the latest in Trails Information - $25.00: E-mail your request

2007 - Report on Physical Health Benefits of Motorized Activity

2007 Report on Land Use Issues

2007 Report on Legal and Liability Issues

2007 Northern Walking Trails Booklet

2007 Cycling Advocacy - Where are we at? - a national question

2007 Trans Canada Trail Foundation - insurance offering

2007 OTC Pre-Budget Consultation - Paper

2007 Gas Tax Surplus use Guide - Funding

2007 - Ministry Funding - various

2007 Ministry of Health Promotion grants - link

TCT/Ontario Trillium Foundation Economic Impact of Trails Paper - use this link to request a copy

Trail Liability Paper- Risk Management: Information on Insurance, Land Accessibility and Trails Use- OTC/Haliburton Land Stewardship Council

Insurance Review Report - Doug Wyseman 2003

Recreational Trails as a Tourism Asset