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Ontario Trails on YouTube


Today, YouTube is the second most popular search engine on the Web – behind Google, but ahead of Yahoo, Bing and all the rest. It gets over 2.5 billion searches a month! And it's still growing.

Today every smart phone includes a video camera, which has made video one of the most popular ways of communicating, especially among
today's youth.

Find Ontario Trails on YouTube at

We've kept it simple and consistent. We've created an Ontario Trails channel at Go there to find all of our favourite videos on YouTube.

It's easy to upload videos to YouTube

On YouTube simply sign up for a free account and then follow the directions for uploading your videos. If you need help, hit the YouTube Get Help link at the bottom of the page.

Optimize your videos to be found

It's important to name and describe your videos so they can be found by key search words. For example, your title might want to include the word "trail", plus the name of your town or region, then the activity and then a descriptive word. So for example the name of a video could be Port Perry Snowmobile Trail Grooming. Then make use of the description field to add more information, including contact information.

Create your own channel

Once you've uploaded more than one video to YouTube, you automatically get your own channel. You also get a nice short URL that you can promote everywhere so that visitors can easily find your YouTube channel. Note this URL and include it in your communications. Once you have videos up, let us know and we'll include and promote them on our site.

Subject matter for your videos?

The most highly popular viewing categories for trails are activity types. People are looking for running, walking, biking, atv'ing, snowmobiling, geocaching, rock climbing, canoeing, etc. So, an interesting video on a trail activity will get many views.

Videos of events are also popular. If you have a competition or event, record it on video and upload it. The faster you get it up, the more views you'll get – people are looking for videos the day after the event.

Also, consider creating videos of trail highlights, such as views or particular features such as a rock face.

Connect trails to your heritage site or resort

If you represent a site, resort or attraction, why not let people know about the trails near it?

It's no secret that having a trail at your resort helps fill beds, and provides your visitor with quick access to outdoor activities. If you have a video about your resort, adding information about the trails will help it get found.