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Trail Tourism

Find specialized trails for different activities and themes. More trails to be added soon!

Algonquin Park Algonquin Park is Ontario's iconic provincial park. 25
Bruce Trail The Bruce Trail is the oldest and longest marked hiking trail in Canada. 23
Conservation Area Trails Conservation Authorities and Conservation Areas protect Ontario's wetlands. In these areas some hiking, cycling and other trail activities are allowed. 109
County Forest Trails Find your favorite trail in one of Ontario's many County Forests. County Forests and Forest Reserves are important areas where logging and land management takes place. 28
Great Lakes Waterfront Trail The Waterfront Regeneration Trust has been in operation since 1992. During that time, we’ve made significant progress in making the trail a great place for people to visit. 50
Hamilton Cycling Routes and Trails The City of Hamilton offers a comprehensive map of cycling facilities, points of interest and hiking trails: Bike Routes, Trails and Parks Map - Urban (PDF, 25 MB) Bike Routes, Trails and Parks Map - Rural (PDF, 20 MB) 13
North Hastings Scenic Routes North Hastings Scenic Routes offers thirteen unique and interconnected routes, each with it's own personality and charm. Posted highway signs direct visitors, and help you stay on track. 13
Northumberland Paddle Routes Northumberland County offers a great variety of paddling routes for the novice to experienced paddler. 11
Off Leash Dog Parks Taking your dog out is great fun, if you are on the trail the dog must be on-leash. As an aid to dog owners that want to let their dog safely run free we are pleased to provide information on leash free dog parks in Ontario. 28
Ontario Parks Ontario Parks provides an abundance of land for use for trails, and for trail activities. 92
Rail Trails Ontario Rail Trails are former rail beds that have been turned into trail-ways. Ontario Rail trails have gradual slopes, wide trail beds and are often multi and shared use. 102
Skating Trails Why not lace up your skates and go for a winter stroll - on an ice trail! Over the past few years these trails have gained in popularity, so grab a friend and ice trail. All over Ontario, in provincial parks, conservation areas, cities and towns, the h 33
Trail Tourism Routes Ontario trail tourism routes are activity trails that include a combination of trail activity such as hiking or biking with buttertarts, ice cream, quilts or breathtaking scenery that include trails. 30
Trans Canada Trail Ontario Welcome! The Trans Canada Trail (TCT) in Ontario connects approximately 150 communities through a collection of linked multi use trails. 47