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Chippewa Trail

When completed, this 15-kilometre abandoned rail corridor will link Hamilton with Caledonia will become part of the Niagara branch of the Trans Canada Trail.

It will also be connected to the Caledonia-to-Dunnville rail trail. Approximately 12 kilometres have been completed and work is proceeding as funding permits.

An easement agreement has been signed with Georgia Pacific that will allow the Chippewa Trail to proceed on the outskirts of their land.

The Conservation Foundation is spearheading efforts to fund the rail corridor conversion. Individuals and groups may assist in the project by "purchasing" one-metre sections of trail for $30.

Note from some riders: Jan 2009 - incomplete sections are on road, the trail currently ends at the Hamilton boundry, and as we say above there is no current link to the Caledonia-Dunnville, riders in the area have expressed a strong to desire to see this trail completed.

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