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Devil's Glen Provincial Park Trail

One of the highest peaks along the escarpment is 460 metres (1509 feet) above sea level. Before starting on this trail, walk to the lookout platform at Devil's Glen Provincial Park and admire the steep bedrock gorge at the edge of the escarpment. The highest location in Southern Ontario, reaching an elevation of approximately 546 metres (1791 feet) above sea level, lies about four kilometres (2.5 miles) to the northwest on the Singhampton moraine, looking at Edward Lake.

The view from the platform sweeps over the entire valley, and is especially scenic when fall colours spread across the lower walls.

Devil's Glen rests on a broad terrace known as the Manitoulin Bedrock Ledge, the site of a glacial meltwater channel that flowed along the edge of the escarpment. The gorge, carved by the Mad River spreads as far as your eye can see. The upper rim along the gorge is lined by Silurian Amabel dolomite caprock, a form of limestone.

The lower valley walls are steep and covered with dense deciduous forest, and formed bedrock fragments called talus. Although you may not see them, the provincially rare harts tongue and smooth cliff brake ferns are found on these steep cliffs.

This is a non-operating Park.

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