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Duke of Richmond East Trail

The proposed Duke of Richmond East Trail is located in the natural open space of the Rouge Tributary valley lands west of Yonge Street and north of Gamble Road, east of Rollinghill Road and south of Tower Hill Road. The Duke East Trail is an integral component of the trail system on the Town of Richmond Hill Trails Master Plan. The trail will link residential areas with the Gamble Road and Yonge Street intersection, as well as other existing and future trails in the Town’s network. The undulating terrain provides many great views of the landscape. In the northern portion there are several scenic viewpoints with striking vistas southward through the valley to the wooded slopes at the south end.

The topography also compensates for the open character of much of the site by creating a sense of space and place, providing distinct landmarks and orientation points. As well, there are many educational and interpretive opportunities related to the natural heritage and cultural history of the area (early settlement and agricultural past). In the vicinity of French Royalist Park, the proposed trail follows an old farm lane through the deciduous upland forest and second growth woodland. This section of the trail has a distinctly historic feel to it - an atmosphere complimented by the theme of the adjacent park. The valley lands are rich with wildlife and will provide many opportunities for trail users to experience natural heritage first hand. Rabbits, chipmunks, squirrels, white-tailed deer and 18 different species of birds are listed in the biological inventory. The main trail will cross the flood zones by means of elevated boardwalks, bringing the trail user close to the riparian habitat without risk of disrupting the flora or fauna.

Information provided by the Town of Richmond Hill website.

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