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Edison Mountain Trail

This Trail runs through protected martin habitat (i.e. old growth forest). To access it hike around Bay Lake Shore from the North Portage behind the white cottage, about 400 meters, and head inland along the Trail, about 4.5 Kms. In winter, this highland trail is tended by a prospector and trappers, goes overland through a red pine forest, past Edison Marsh, to a good dock near the mouth of Justin Creek. Access to Thomas Edison’s 1905 abandoned Darby Mine on the east side of Edison Mountain is gained by hiking up the Justin Creek Trail from the dock on Bay Lake.

You will pass the abandoned Cobalt-Kittson Mine Head Frame (easily seen from Bay Lake) and arrive at Harold Watts’ active prospecting camp, about 1 Km. Seek his permission and instruction to continue on the old mine road, about 1 Km, to the abandoned Darby Mine, Thomas Edison’s old claim. Thomas Edison, known erroneously to be the inventor of the light bulb (it was invented by a Canadian), sought Cobalt for his battery invention in 1905. Caution must be taken when adventuring around the many abandoned mine shafts & adits in this area.

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