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Frenchman's Bay - Waterfront Trail

Primarily off-road or aligned along residential streets. A short stretch at the west end of the Trail is unpaved through an open space. Also, a stretch of Trail runs on Bayly Rd, a very busy regional roadway with concrete sidewalk on south side. Caution should be exercised. The recently completed Millennium Square at the foot of Liverpool Road has won awards for its beautiful design and Homeplace, at Alex Robertson Park, features the unique carvings of artist Dorsey James.

The Trail through Pickering is divided into three named sections. First Nations Trail (3.5 km) is the western leg from Rouge River to the west shore of Frenchman's Bay. Monarch Trail (4.7 km) surrounds Frenchman's Bay and ends at Millennium Square. Peak Trail runs from Millennuim Square to the eastern border with Ajax. Each name has a historical or environmental significance. First Nations recognizes native settlements from the past and the significance the Rouge and the Lake played in their location. Monarch recognizes the monarch butterfly and its yearly migration to the Bay from the south. Peak is one of Pickering's earliest settlers.

Parking: Petticoat Creek Conservation Area - Foot of Whites Rd. & Rouge Beach Park (Scarborough) - End of Lawrence Ave. East Entrance to Open Space at Bella Vista Drive - limited parking.

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