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Hemlock Valley Trail

The Hemlock Valley Trail which passes almost immediately under the transmission lines again and passes through a fairly open field with sparse shrubbery. The path passes a stand of young soft-needle hemlock trees as it wanders along the edge of the ravine on the right.

Soon you will arrive at the intersection of the Trail where we head off to the right continuing our counter-clockwise movement along the trail system in the park. Deer are prominent in this area of hemlock trees as are wild turkeys. Soon an old rusty harrow comes into view as the trail wanders close to the edge of the ravine where nuthatches can be seen in the hemlock trees. The route crosses one wooden bridge and then another flat wooden 8-m bridge (011) over a dry creek. The trail makes a U-loop and passes over another long flat wooden bridge with a fallen tree across the span.

Directions: From the QEW exit at Regional Road 24 and head south through Vineland, until you come to Regional Road 69. Head east long 69 until you come to the paring lot. Look for the park sign that is set back from the road, there is ample parking here.

Information provided by the Toronto Hiking website.

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