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Marsh Trail

The Vernon Interpretive Nature Trails wind for a total of 5km through large stands of mature Red Pine, Bur Oak, Aspen, common hardwood forests marshlands and a combination of Cambrian Shield and prairie flatlands.

There are two separate locations from which one may view the forest canopies and Lake of the Woods from elavated granite outcrops. The many trails will aquaint you with the transition zone between the St. Lawrence-Great Lakes Forest Region, the Boreal Forest Region and the Prairie Grasslands.

The Vernon property lies on the very edge of these three diverse vegetation zones. The Marsh trail goes through scenic wetlands, a boardwalk keeps your feet nice and dry. From the boardwalk you can see a beaver house and loon nest.

A little further down the trail diamond willow tree can be seen. Visitors can take a nice break on the dock overlooking Lake of the Woods,near the Vernon Homestead.

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