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Mayer's Marsh Trail

Mayers Marsh is part of the Minesing Wetlands. The wetland area is responsible for the important job of filtering and cleaning our water. Bird watching is a good activity here. Open year round but subject to seasonal conditions, this unique 6,000 hectare wilderness is located north-west of Barrie and can be partially accessed via foot or canoe. The undisturbed nature and habitat diversity is of prime importance to birds for spring migration, nesting, staging for fall migration and as feeding grounds.

This wetland plays host to great numbers of waterfowl including Buffleheads, Scaups, Gadwalls, Black and Ring Neck Ducks. Flocks of Canada Geese and pairs of Whistling Swans are common. On the outer edges where forest meets farmland you may be rewarded by observing Sand Hill Cranes stopping over on their migration to Western Canada. A diverse selection of plants and animals within a range of habitats including Boreal and Carolinian forests make this wetland of extreme interest to many.

Directions: For hiking and skiing, there are several access points including George Johnston Rd, 8 km north or Hwy. 90. Access for the popular Nottawasaga River Route is located at the former NVCA office on Hwy. 90, just east of Angus. Another less traveled but scenic route for paddling is the Mad River, with access at Simcoe Road 10, just west of Angus. 

Information provided by the City of Barrie Tourism website.

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