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Mosa Forest Conservation Area Trail

Mosa Forest, or what is locally known as Skunk’s Misery, is one of the larger wooded sites in the province west of London with a total area of 1,235 acres .  The Lower Thames Valley Conservation Authority ’s (LTVCA) portion of Skunk’s Misery is a ( 119.8 hectare ) 299.5 acre forest, which is a small part of the larger forested block.  The County of Middlesex owns the majority of the forest block, the LTVCA owning just under 300 acres , with the remainder in private ownership.

The LTVCA purchased the land in three parcels.  Two 100-acre parcels known as the “Beattie Tract” were purchased in 1964.  The remaining 99.5 acre parcel known as the “Fennell Tract” was purchased in 1988, with the assistance of the Ontario Heritage Foundation.  These lots were purchased in order to protect and preserve a significant part of the Skunk’s Misery Area of Natural and Scientific Interest (ANSI), portions of a Provincially Significant Wetland that are located throughout the overall forest and a designated Carolinian Canada Site.

Absolutely NO motorized vehicles (ATV, 4-wheel drive, etc.) are allowed within the woodlot, due to the damage the vehicles do to the tree root systems on and adjacent to the trail system, and to the trail itself. It is an Area of Natural and Scientific Interest (ANSI), a Provincially Significant Wetland and a designated Carolinian Canada Site. Information provided by the Lower Thames Conservation website.

Directions: To get to Skunk’s Misery from Middlesex County Road 2 (Longwoods Road), turn north onto Middlesex Country Road 14 (Concession Drive).  The Mosa Forest is on the south side of Concession Drive, east of Sassafras Road.

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